5 major aspects of business transformation & technology integration for risk management

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By all measures, India is marching towards becoming a digitally advanced country. The Digital India initiative is a testimony to us becoming a digital nation. Undoubtedly, all these aims to empower citizens via universal online access to government services. In

How AI and IoT are Changing the Insurance and Wealth Management Industries

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Creating the accelerated, highly-personalized online service customers demand and quickly developing new products in response to shifting regulatory and market forces won’t be possible unless life insurance and wealth management companies are able to fully leverage tomorrow’s technology. Taking that

How will artificial intelligence affect your business?

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Artificial intelligence is the most exciting upcoming technology in the world today. The advent of autonomous vehicles and the prospect of fully intelligent machines fills us with excitement and dread. As with any technology, there are those who are completely

India’s opportunity to become a trillion dollar digital economy

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Earlier this year, the Indian Prime Minister announced his plans to make India a USD 5 Trillion economy by 2024. The Prime Minister clearly has confidence in the country’s potential and is convinced that even though this target may seem

Reverse Mentoring… Time for the Old Dog to learn some new tricks of the game

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I own a new most updated phone which was recently purchased. It is a struggle to understand and get used to the new settings and features. Where do I go to solve my issue, where can I seek the answers

Behavioural analysis and CASB capabilities augment Enterprise cloud security

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In the words of the famous business magnate and philanthropist, Warren Buffet, “In the business world, the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” These words resonate well with businesses, wherein leaders find themselves reflecting on their past

Infor helps businesses operationalize AI with Coleman platform

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Infor made its Coleman AI Platform available now for embedded machine learning models, giving enterprises the speed, repeatability and personalization needed for enterprises to fully operationalize AI. The AI Platform is named after the physicist and mathematician Katherine Coleman Johnson,

How to modernise data backup with next-gen object store

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Complete data protection is the endeavour of every enterprise. As enterprises focus on modernising IT infrastructure, they often forget to transform the fundamental step to data protection—data backup. Until now, these enterprises have relied on traditional backup systems to retain

10 Benefits of Open Source Software for Enterprises

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Selecting technologies means committing to solutions that will support an active, growing business over the long term, so it requires careful consideration and foresight. When enterprise bets on the wrong horse, the result is often significantly higher development costs and

5 Best AI tools and ML frameworks

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption is growing rapidly across the globe. Industries like, manufacturing, healthcare, education, etc. are utilizing modern technology to enhance their efficiency. It is becoming more important than ever to process a large amount of data. But to

Remote Access Helps Anyone Book Gigs Anywhere in the World

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Saying technology has changed the working landscape is like saying the sky is blue. In just a quarter of a century, nearly every job, role, or career path has been disrupted and transformed by the implementation of new technologies. It’s

Why Every Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Should Include Data Privacy Due Diligence

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The US-based hotel group Marriott International was recently fined almost £100m for falling foul of the EU’s GDPR legislation. The fine was levied on the hotel giant for a massive data breach, identified in 2018, that saw the personal data

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Save Cybersecurity?

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Cybersecurity is in a dire state. Massive breaches are commonplace. A few years ago, 70 million Target customers were affected by a large-scale cyber attack. Target’s CIO was immediately let go in the wake of such an unthinkable disaster. Breaches

How IoT & AI are Impacting Business Centres in India?

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IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have demonstrated notable potential across industries. There has been an enormous adoption of these technologies in the last decade in order to streamline various business procedures, foster workspace efficiency, reduce human efforts

Tale of consent: Preventing exploitation of private data

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As we move towards the epitome of a capitalist economy, an odd pattern has emerged among some of the largest commercial corporations. The agencies that an individual is surrounded by, Google and Facebook, in particular, provide users with ‘free’ products.

Phishing Evolves, targets C-level Executives: Verizon’s DBIR 2019

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Banks and financial institutions are responsible for customer’s money and sensitive financial information and are held to a higher standard for security. Data breaches can have severe consequences and cost a bank much more than just stolen information or funds.

Identity Management and Fraud Prevention:Tapping Into the Right Data Sources

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How can you build the fraud prevention tools of tomorrow using yesterday’s data? Harnessing the right data is of course tremendously important in fraud prevention and identity management. Intelligent expansion of the data universe can yield deeper insights into consumer

Eliminating Fakes: New-age digital platforms striving to protect shoppers from counterfeiting

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E-commerce has been a huge hit in India. Thanks to the giants who brought this innovative concept to customers, offering them seamless shopping experiences. Online shopping has become a favorite pastime for many shoppers, majorly including the internet-savvy millennials. However,

How last mile optimization can boost logistics business

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The spread of e-commerce and rise in consumers’ expectation for faster deliveries has put pressure over logistics businesses to remove hurdles and inefficiencies in last-mile delivery. Any logistics business is fraught with complaints relating to late deliveries, package return and

Micro Focus: Compliance burden on Indian organizations could be massive

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Micro Focus is a management software and consultancy firm and into enterprise application and integration. Here CyberMedia Managing Editor Thomas George talks to Asia Pacific Japan President Stephen McNulty and India country director Saurabh Saxena about HPE’s Software Division acquisition,