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London has the fastest possible mobile Internet speeds

By : CIOL Writers

India does have the right to celebrate growth in Internet usage in the country but our Internet speeds are dismal. We are lagging way behind compared to the rest of the world. Akamai, a US based content delivery and cloud

Google launches under-sea cable link between the US and Japan

By : CIOL Writers

A 5,600-mile link between the US and Japan involving world’s highest-capacity undersea internet cable has been launched by Google. The fiber cable, which can transport data at 60 terabits per second (60 million Mbps) is expected to be a significant

Facebook’s new algorithm to prioritize friends and families

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook has announced that the platform will limit the posts in News Feeds from other Facebook pages and instead prioritize posts from users’ families and friends and the news is nothing less than a shocker for the media industry. The

Apple wins patent on infra-red technology to stop fans filming gigs

By : CIOL Writers

Remember that last weekend’s music concert in the University grounds when you used your iPhone to record your favorite band’s live performance. Well, it could be your last recording with the phone. Pitchfork reports that Apple has won approval from

TRAI launching app to test internet speed and lodge feedback

By : CIOL Writers

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is all set to launch a mobile application, which will allow consumers to measure internet speed on their smartphone and send subsequent results to the regulatory body. The app—MySpeed—is aimed at stocktaking and facilitating

Sony mobile phones to wind down its presence

By : CIOL Writers

Facing stiff competition in the smartphone segment in several markets the company has decided to curtail its presence in US, India, Brazil and China, and would rather concentrate more on its home market of Japan where handsets are usually launched

Spotify and Apple lock horns over music subscription

By : CIOL Writers

Apple and digital music service app Spotify are heading for a showdown, as the latter accused the tech giant of running afoul of antitrust laws and that it is using its App Store approval process as a weapon to harm

What could have been if technology wasn’t developed?

By : CIOL Writers

Do you believe technology has given you a better life? Think again! Imagine if Christopher Columbus had GPS to navigate to India, or Shakespeare was social media savvy and distilled his sonnets and plays into 140-character tweets! Would history be

Man got married to his “smartphone”

By : Riddhi Sharma

Yes, you read it right, and no we have not missed out on any prepositions there. A man did get married “to” his smartphone and not “on” his phone. Marriages on smartphones are now officially passe. This wedding was just

Tesla autopilot vehicle crash threatens self-driving cars

By : Riddhi Sharma

Can self-driving vehicles replace human control? That is the question many are asking after the fatal crash of a Tesla electric car that used an autopilot feature in Florida was reported. The car, which is still in beta testing, has

Tech This Week: Cannes, Brexit, Tesla: Full of big strokes

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: Deep learning software, geometric proportions’ analysis, algorithms to understand strokes, height maps, facial recognition data: and

How Brexit will impact Indian IT-BPM companies in the long run?

BANGALORE, INDIA: As Britain voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union(EU), Indian IT services majors have

Sanjay Malik to lead Nokia business in India

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Nokia today announced the appointment of Sanjay Malik as Head of India market,

Google fiber to acquire Webpass to expand reach in cities

By : Riddhi Sharma

Google Fiber has announced plans to acquire Webpass, a high-speed, fiber internet provider to increase its

PayPal promotes Anupam Pahuja as India MD

BANGALORE, INDIA: PayPal has promoted Anupam Pahuja as the Managing Director and Country Manager for India.

Flipkart beats Amazon & Google to be the most preferred co in India to work for

BANGALORE, INDIA: Do you know where India wants to work? The name might surprise you. It

You got to attend these 4 cool tech conferences

By : CIOL Writers

Technology is ever evolving and progressing. The world revolves around the connectivity provided by technology and

World Wi-Fi Day: Tips to be secure on public Wi-Fi

BANGALORE, INDIA: As we celebrate the World Wi-Fi Day today, let’s not forget the security risks associated

Do you have any “Qloo” what Leonardo DiCaprio is upto?

By : Riddhi Sharma

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in a startup. He has added some cash into this

An app to compare cost of living in major APAC cities

BANGALORE, INDIA: Despite being the most populous and wealthiest city in India with the highest number