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ARM unveils new AI chip family, Project Trillium

By : CIOL Writers

ARM has unveiled a new machine learning initiative codenamed Project Trillium, which includes processors and sensors for improving artificial intelligence operations in mobile devices at the edge of networks, rather than in data centers. “Project Trillium is a whole new class of product with

Robotic Process Automation: A few things to know before you proceed


Soma Tah To grow their competitive advantage, businesses are now looking to invest in a set of digital technologies which will help them automate repetitive and monotonous tasks and instead focus on their core competencies. Therefore, an area of consideration

Intelligent Operations key for organizations to thrive in the future

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Organizations that leverage Intelligent Operations to make decisions and act in real-time will be best placed to thrive in the future, according to a new report from HfS Research and Accenture. The move to Intelligent Operations is fast becoming a make-or-break

Facebook’s AI head steps down; former IBM exec Jerome Pesenti hired

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook’s head of internal artificial intelligence research division, Yann LeCun has decided to step down from the position in order to take a more dedicated research role. Jerome Pesenti, former CEO of AI startup BenevolentTech and CTO of IBM’s Big Data group has

Google unveils Cloud AutoML to automatically create AI models

By : CIOL Writers

Google, on Wednesday unveiled Cloud AutoML– a tool designed to simplify the process of deploying AI in business applications. The service helps developers — including those with no machine learning (ML) expertise — build custom image recognition models. Cloud AutoML, that’s already being

Intel at CES’18: Everything you need to know

By : CIOL Writers

At the CES 2018, Intel announced a slew of new, innovative technologies. In the autonomous space, Intel unveiled its first autonomous vehicle in its 100-car test fleet; disclosed that BMW, Nissan, and Volkswagen are moving their Mobileye-based mapping design wins to

Google’s AI will tell you how good your photos are

By : CIOL Writers

How about an algorithm which describes whether you are looking beautiful or not? Google’s new technology does exactly that. The search engine giant published a blog post in which it described an academic paper on a Neural Image Assessment (NIMA) system. The

IBM targets AI workloads with POWER9 systems; claims to be faster than x86

Soma Tah Speed to insight is going to emerge as the key competitive differentiator for businesses, as they start stepping into the era of compute-and-speed-hungry artificial intelligence(AI), and deep learning workloads. IBM, recently announced a new line of accelerated IBM

Bing launches new AI-powered search features

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft has announced a host of new intelligent AI-powered search features for Bing. The updates are focused on bringing more conversational, nuanced answers to users in the “cards” UI being used by competitors like Google. New features starting to roll out

Google launches an AI research centre in China

By : CIOL Writers

Google has launched an AI research center in Beijing, China, their first such center in Asia. Focused on basic AI research, the centre will consist of a team of AI researchers in Beijing, supported by Google China’s engineering teams. The AI lab

Study finds major disconnect between corporate and customer views on AI

USA: Consumers’ wariness of AI contrasts significantly with optimism expressed by corporate management. Despite massive corporate investments in artificial intelligence (AI), nearly three-quarters of consumers are concerned about AI infringing on their privacy, according to a new study from Genpact.

Amazon unveils an AI based camera powered by Intel

By : CIOL Writers

Amazon Web Services(AWS) announced a number of AI tools at its annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas including a $250 AI based DeepLens camera designed for developers. AWS and Intel collaborated on the DeepLens camera to provide builders of all skill

Saying yes to Industry 4.0? That’s a nod for 5.0 too

Thomas George With all the hype and hoo-hah gathering heat with every next day and report,

Microsoft expands AI research project to self-driving vehicles

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft is expanding its “AirSim” Artificial Intelligence (AI) research project to include car simulation which will help

Facebook turns to AI to help prevent suicides

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook is upgrading its AI tools to help prevent suicide, the company announced on Monday. “Starting today we’re

Meet SAM, the world’s first virtual politician on Facebook Messenger

By : CIOL Writers

An entrepreneur in New Zealand, Nick Gerritsen has developed the world’s first virtual politician that listens

Samsung plans to set up an AI research centre

By : CIOL Writers

Samsung is planning to set up an AI research centre, the company announced on Wednesday. Though the

AWS unveils its AI consultancy program ‘Amazon ML Solutions Lab’

By : CIOL Writers

Amazon Web Services(AWS) has unveiled its AI consultancy program called Amazon ML Solutions Lab that provides

Google starts rolling out Lens in Assistant for Pixel phones

By : CIOL Writers

Google has started rolling out its visual search feature Google Lens in Google Assistant for the

Karnataka govt. sets up a Data Science and AI CoE with Nasscom

BANGALORE, INDIA: The Government of Karnataka today announced the launch of a Centre of Excellence for