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Secure your Smartphone right now: Uninstall These 22 Android Apps

By : CIOL Bureau

No doubt, all the apps go through an intensive security check to get listing in Google Play Store, still there are hackers who can get through and hack your device. Apps could contain virus to gain access to the phone. In a study

REVE Antivirus Launches Upgraded Version of REVE Mobile Security Software for Smartphones

By : CIOL Bureau

With the growing number of virus attacks mobile phone users are increasingly becoming prey to the hackers. People are at high risks to become a victim to ransomware, data theft and theft of other sensitive information.The digital attacks on mobile

K7 Computing Announces Strategic Repositioning and Expansion of its Enterprise Security Business

By : CIOL Bureau

At its annual K7 Odyssey event, K7 Computing announced a strategic repositioning of its business, along with a new brand appearance, marking a strong commitment to helping businesses, from SOHO to large enterprise, secure their digital business. Building on its

CIO’s limited vision of Securing Access to Networks and Servers

By : Ashok Pandey

Hybrid cloud and data centres are on the rise, most of the businesses are choosing them to store their data. Yet, every now and then, we here about breaches. Are hackers smarter than our CIOs? Or CIOs are making some

Google Data Breach: Tips to Keep your Data Secure

By : Ashok Pandey

Following this morning’s news that the data of up to 500,000 Google+ profiles was exposed, Norton by Symantec shares some useful tips to take back control of their cyber safety and privacy. Tips include: Keep your passwords fresh: Don’t use

3 Essential Tips to Protect You from Cyber Attacks

By : CIOL Bureau

By Ellie Martin, co-founder of Startup Change Group One of the most pressing issues of the technological age goes largely overlooked. Cybersecurity is our last line of defense against cyber warfare. Virtually all of our information is online. So much

75% of APAC IT Security Teams believe that their IoT Devices are not Secure

By : CIOL Bureau

A new global research study conducted by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company (NYSE:HPE), has found that the majority of IT security teams believe that a key gap in their company’s overall security strategy

Verizon Digital Media Services adds managed security services to its cloud solution for enterprises

By : CIOL Bureau

Verizon Digital Media Services today announced it has added a round-the-clock managed cloud security offering as part of its global Cloud Security Solution. The managed cloud security component provides access to expert security professionals who monitor and proactively take corrective

Study reveals Indian consumers are more likely to prioritize convenience over security in their app experience

By : CIOL Bureau

Indian consumers are more likely to trade off on app security for convenience, according to a study commissioned by F5 Networks ‘The Curve of Convenience – the trade-off between security and convenience’. While Indian consumers as a whole prioritized security

BlackBerry to Spark Ultra-Secure Hyperconnectivity with New EoT Platform

By : CIOL Bureau

BlackBerry Limited unveils BlackBerry Spark, the only Enterprise of Things (EoT) platform designed and built for ultra-secure hyperconnectivity from the kernel to the edge. Defined as the interconnectedness of people, organizations, and machines, hyperconnectivity is set to revolutionize the way

Cryptojacking Moves to IoT Devices in the Home

BANGALORE, INDIA: Fortinet’s latest research reveals cyber criminals are becoming smarter and faster in how they leverage exploits to their advantage. They are also maximizing their efforts by targeting an expanding attack surface and by using iterative approaches to software

VMware Announces Intent to Acquire CloudHealth Technologies

By : Ashok Pandey

At VMworld 2018, VMware, Inc. announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CloudHealth Technologies. With over 3,000 global customers, CloudHealth Technologies delivers a cloud operations platform across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The platform enables customers

Symantec Expands Security Operations Center In India

CHENNNAI, INDIA: Symantec has announced the enhanced expansion of its Security Operations Center (SOC) in Chennai, India. Customers in India and across the globe can now expect enriched access to security intelligence insights, and faster detection and response through greater

Bluetooth Security Vulnerability : How your devices are at risk

By : CIOL Bureau

A freshly highlighted vulnerability in Bluetooth, confirmed by could sanction an unauthenticated malicious attacker in the proximity of affected devices to intercept, monitor and manipulate the data they exchange. The vulnerability The vulnerability which has been labeled as CVE-2018-5383 has

Poor router security is making Indians vulnerable to cyberattacks

By : CIOL Bureau

New research from Avast, the global leader in digital security, reveals that 32% of Indians have never logged into the web administration interface to change the factory login credentials. Another concerning finding is that nearly one fourth (23%) of Indians

McAfee Elevates Security with New Enterprise Security Portfolio

By : CIOL Bureau

McAfee announced McAfee MVISION, a first-of-its-kind portfolio featuring new McAfee innovations designed to give customers a comprehensive, flexible defense system that manages their security products based on their needs today and in the future as they continue to move to

Trend Micro Extends Container Security Solution to Work at the Speed of DevOps

By : Ashok Pandey

Trend Micro announced the expansion of its security solution for containers with Deep Security Smart Check. This component provides continuous container image scanning to complement the existing Deep Security runtime container protection. To spot malware and vulnerabilities most effectively, Trend Micro

Fortinet completes acquisition of Bradford Networks

BANGALORE, INDIA: Fortinet has completed the acquisition of Bradford Networks, which is trusted by large enterprises worldwide to protect and defend against threats from the ever-increasing digital attack surface. This helps Fortinet in further enhancing the Fortinet Security Fabric by

Empowering security leaders to take action

BANGALORE, INDIA: The overwhelming demands on security leaders today can have a paralyzing effect. Hence, at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, Gartner analysts provided guidance and insight which can empower these security leaders to take action. Much of

Fortinet unveils unified NOC-SOC solution

BANGALORE, INDIA: Fortinet has announced a purpose-built NOC-SOC solution that bridges workflows, analysis and automated response across operational and security processes. NOC-SOC approach to management enables enhanced security operations visibility with a new graphical Security Fabric topology view and extensions