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We should learn how to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic from the Kerala Model: A mix of technology, sanitation, unity and presence of mind

By : Laxitha Mundhra

Here are some facts of the state Kerala amid Coronavirus: 1. It was the first state to report a Coronavirus case in India. 2. The mortality rate of Coronavirus patients is less than 1%. There have been only 4 deaths

25 cool things you can do with drones

By : Sunil Rajguru

Drones have been getting better and better in the last few years and are now very versatile. All the big tech companies are trying to figure out how to optimize them. The only thing that has been holding drones back

Why drone solutions can help investors understand risk better and make decisions faster

By : CIOL Bureau

The risks of investing in India’s foundations for the future Investing in the pillars that contribute to the growth of the fastest developing large economy in the world is an enticing prospect for any investor, however, it is also a

Innovations that bombed in 2017

By : CIOL Writers

With technology changing every day, we get many ‘wow’ moments with regard to tech innovations. But sometimes, it just turns out to be a false promise, ending “not with a bang but a whimper.” So, here we present the worst tech

Indian Government formulates draft guidelines for operating drones

By : CIOL Writers

The Civil Aviation Ministry of India has issued draft norms for operating drones around the civilian areas in the country. According to the draft norms, drones for civilian use will require a unique identification number as well as radio frequency

President Trump and Secretary E.Chao announce Drone Integration Pilot program

By : CIOL Writers

Drones are getting a massive thumbs up from the POTUS Donald Trump. President Trump and Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao announced the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program- an initiative aimed at exploring expanded use of drones. Secretary Chao said in

Check out Spark, DJI’s cheapest and tiniest drone at $499

By : CIOL Writers

DJI’s latest drone Spark weighs in just over half a pound but packs a tonne of powerful features that can fit into your palm at a price tag of $499. Unveiled at DJI’s “Seize the Moment” event in New York City, portability and

3mn personal and commercial drones will be shipped in 2017: Gartner

By : CIOL Writers

According to the research firm Gartner, more than three million drones are expected to be produced this year with the global market revenue set to cross $6 billion. The credit goes to the increasing production of drones for personal and

14yr old, Harshwardhan Zala signs Rs 5cr MoU with the Gujarat govt

By : CIOL Writers

Remember Medansh Mehta, a game developer from Mumbai who aspires to become Microsoft CEO? Or Tenith Adithyaa, an 11th-grade student who has invented Adjustable Electricity Extension Board and a Banana Leaf Preservation Technology along with 17 other inventions? Adding to

GoPro’s drone, Karma, set to re-launch this year

By : CIOL Writers

GoPro is planning to re-launch the Karma drone, which was recalled within 16 days of its initial launch. Assuring to provide more details in February, the California-based GoPro announced its re-launch plans at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Major tech letdowns of 2016: Projects, products that failed to meet aspirations

By : CIOL Writers

A slew of startling technological advancements struck our world this year- Think of Elon Musk’s Mars Mission, autonomous cars, or LG’s 18-inch paper-thin OLED display which can be rolled up like a newspaper. But the world of technology had its own

Technology blitzkrieg from 2016: Oculus Touch, Hyperloop One, e-Skin and more

By : CIOL Writers

Technology breakthroughs are the ones that make you sit up and take notice. Because, when they hit you, they are hard to ignore. 2016 was an year where we saw more than one such wonders. We had the Oculus rift

Drones to deliver mails in France

By : CIOL Writers

Drone delivery is slowly and steadily taking off with many uses for human community. Besides being used in rescue and aid, drones are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial sector as well. In a move along these lines, French postal

Tencent’s Ying Drone that captures 4k video is on the way

By : CIOL Writers

Drone is the new ‘cool’ stuff in the tech industry and it has already come a long way in a very short span of time. The latest entry to the Quadcopter domain is Ying drone by Tencent, the owner of

Dobby: A pocket sized drone to click selfies

By : CIOL Writers

Our obsession with selfies is set to touch new heights with something called Dobby from ZeroTech. Wondering if Dobby is some new smartphone with a good front camera? It isn’t, actually. Dobby is a drone– yes, you heard it right.

Drones monitor traffic on Mumbai-Pune expressway

By : CIOL Writers

Drones were used for the first time on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway to monitor vehicular traffic over the weekend resulting in 15 drivers being fined during the exercise for cutting lanes and over-speeding. “After receiving directives from the Maharashtra government, we

Wass Up Tech: Facebook flies Solar, VCR dies Solo

Pratima H INDIA: Many things are on their way, some in, some out. The top most

Airbus testing drones to speed up aircraft inspections

By : CIOL Writers

Aircraft inspection lies at the core of any safe flight. But this task is not just

Forget Instagram, check out Dronestagram

By : CIOL Writers

Drone, the flying robot is gaining massive popularity across the world. Primarily used as a delivery

Amazon kick starts its Air Delivery Network

By : CIOL Writers

With Drone delivery already under its testing stage, Amazon has come up with new plans to