Innovations that bombed in 2017

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With technology changing every day, we get many 'wow' moments with regard to tech innovations. But sometimes, it just turns out to be a false promise, ending "not with a bang but a whimper."


So, here we present the worst tech innovations of 2017-

a) Juicero-



The Wi-Fi connected Juicero was hyped as a smart juicer and priced at an astounding $699 price tag. Within a year, the price dropped to $399. Adding to the insult, an investigation further revealed that the juice packs could be just as effectively squeezed by hand. The startup had to soon shut down.

b) Kodak Ektra smartphone-

Kodak Ektra smartphone


The Kodak Ektra houses a 21-megapixel shooter but to take great photos. The smartphone has mediocre specifications, low rent faux leather plastic construction, poor battery life. Kodak Ektra got negative reviews from the critics and lot of flak for its poor color reproduction, bad low light performance, and autofocus that fails to work sometimes. The Kodak Ektra smartphone is priced at $445.

c) Griffin Connected Toaster-

Griffin Connected Toaster


The Griffin Connected Toaster is a Bluetooth-enabled device that aims to prevent you from messing up toasting bread by making it an app-controlled exercise. But our point is how many of us really mess up toasting?

d) Galaxy Note 7-

Samsung galaxy Note 7

The most expensive failure in the list. Though Galaxy Note 7 tanked in 2016 only, the final burial happened this year with Samsung apologizing for the fiasco. Thankfully, the company has successfully moved over its past with latest Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

e) Samsung Bixby-

Samsung Bixby


Samsung's personal digital assistant couldn’t get it working in English in time for the launch of its new Galaxy smartphones –despite a dedicated Bixby button. Bixby voice support began rolling to the US Galaxy S8 users at the end of June. But the response to Samsung Bixby was less than stellar.

f) Pebble 2-

Pebble 2


Pebble, the smartwatch pioneer followed up its popular Pebble with Pebble 2 but ended up disappointing many fans. Several challenges including money problem led to its downfall. Pebble was shut down in December 2016 and sold its assets to Fitbit.

g) Lily Drone-

Lily Drone

Drones have been the masses favorite. Everyone wants to own a drone camera. So, naturally, Lily Drone came with a lot of hype and expectations with a promise that when thrown in the air, it would fly by itself following the owner's wrist-mounted beacon. But, turned out, it was all a blatant lie.

The awe inspiring camera footage used to sell the drone turned out to be shot with an action camera from GoPro, and the drones weren’t actually ready for production.

h) Faraday Future FF91-

Faraday Future FF91

The supposed competitor to Tesla Motors, Faraday Future FF91 has faced struggles since beginning. AT CES 2017, Faraday Future unveiled the FF91 and the prototype failed to perform its self-parking demonstration in a very public fashion –with the company’s chief investor on stage to oversee the debut. With Tesla outdoing itself day in day out, Faraday has to better get it right.

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