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Nutanix Extends Beam to the Enterprise Private Cloud

By : CIOL Bureau

Nutanix, Inc. announced new updates to Beam which extend its cost visibility and optimization capabilities into on-prem deployments. With these new updates, Nutanix customers can get full visibility and insight into the entirety of their infrastructure environment, including public and

Cloud – New Opportunities mean New Rules

By : Ashok Pandey

The idea behind cloud has been around a lot longer than the explosion in its use seen over the past decade. The idea that computing could be made available and consumed on a shared basis as a utility like electricity,

CyberArk Launches Advanced Privileged Session Management for Cloud

By : CIOL Bureau

CyberArk announces CyberArk Privileged Session Manager for Cloud. Through a transparent user experience, this new offering extends privileged access session isolation, monitoring and control to the most common web applications, cloud and social media platforms. As part of an integrated

Dell EMC Unveils Broad Enhancements to Cloud-Enabled Platforms

By : CIOL Bureau

Dell EMC is announcing several enhancements to its cloud-enabled infrastructure solutions portfolio to help customers maximize the value of their IT ecosystem and multi-cloud environments. Coupled with innovation from across Dell Technologies, Dell EMC is delivering a broad portfolio of

Five reasons why cloud-based technology is important for lending loans

By : Ashok Pandey

By, Rachit Chawla, Founder & CEO, Finway A Juniper Research emphasized that up to 53 per cent of adults across the globe will be using smartphones, tablets, PC or smartwatches to avail financial services by the year 2021. It means

ITC Infotech Enhances Integrated Cloud Offering

By : CIOL Bureau

ITC Infotech has enhanced its integrated Cloud offerings to deliver modernization and transformation services to clients across markets. The enhanced offering leverages ITC Infotech’s deep industry knowledge and expertise across best-in-class market-leading Cloud platforms and technologies. ITC Infotech’s integrated Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Launches Nine Products to Support Global Digital Transformation Across Different Industries

By : CIOL Bureau

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group launches a new suite of product offerings for the global market in the areas of cloud architecture, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and security. These products will meet the needs

5 Compelling Reasons to Move Your ERP To Cloud. Today!

By : Ashok Pandey

By Kunal Nagarkatti, Chief Operating Officer, Clover Infotech The benefits of moving to the Cloud have been extensively written about. “Pay-as-you-use”, “CAPEX to OPEX model”, etc., are some of the buzzwords which advocate the move to Cloud for enterprises. Does

Oracle introduces world’s first automated cloud upgrade solution

By : CIOL Bureau

Oracle introduces the world’s first automated enterprise cloud application upgrade product that will enable Oracle customers to reduce the time and cost of cloud migration by up to 30 percent. By providing a complete set of automated tools and proven

Lift and Shift! But Why Do the Heavy Lifting?

By : Ashok Pandey

By Kunal Nagarkatti, Chief Operating Officer, Clover Infotech There have been reams of newsprint on the advantages of moving to the cloud. However, preparing your organization for it is something that has not been broached much. The term “Lift and

Master These Elements For A Successful AI Transformations Of Your Enterprise

Aashish Kalra The age of Artificial Intelligence(AI) has already arrived and the discussion is now shifted towards the expectations and implementation now. AI solutions are coming at a breakneck speed and companies are finding it tough to design a right

ESDS Selects Juniper Networks to Power Future-Ready Cloud in India

By : CIOL Bureau

Juniper Networks announced that ESDS, a managed data center service and auto-scalable cloud solution provider, has successfully implemented Juniper’s high-performing networking solutions, including the QFX 5100, EX 4550 and MX 104, which have enabled rapid and secure cloud application delivery

Emerging Technology Accelerators Defining the Indian Realty

By : Ashok Pandey

Authored by Arnab Ghosh, Director, Synergy Property Development Services Today we must learn to be fast, fair and slow, all at the same time. Project management professionals across geographies are not immune to these changes. Traditional construction management methodologies are

Accelerate Business Transformation With GCR’s Cloud-Based IoT Solutions

By : CIOL Bureau

Cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are transforming the ways the companies are doing business today. IoT solutions are helping businesses to understand their customers/markets by providing intelligent inputs and feedback and in turn enabling them to monitor and manage

What keeps the innovation engine running at Salesforce?

Soma Tah Have you ever wondered what makes Salesforce- which was considered a disruptor in the CRM space -the most innovative company in the world? What do they do to keep the innovation engine running at full throttle? According to

Red Hat powers Tata Comm’s IZO Private Cloud

INDIA: To offer its enterprise customers a reliable hybrid cloud experience across the globe, Tata Communications has selected Red Hat Cloud Suite to enhance its IZO Private Cloud service. Today, enterprises are adopting private and hybrid cloud strategies to help

SUSE simplifies software-defined infra deployment needs with OpenStack Cloud 8

BANGALORE, INDIA: SUSE has unveiled its latest enterprise-ready OpenStack Cloud platform, SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8. This joins a portfolio of solutions that are developed in collaboration with customers, partners and open source communities to deliver reliable innovation that helps simplify

Adidas India trusts Oracle cloud for a faster checkout experience in stores

BANGALORE, INDIA: Sports goods company, Adidas India has leveraged cloud technology to provide a three times faster shop-bill-checkout experience for its customers at Adidas stores across the country. Adidas recently upgraded its franchise point-of-sale systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – a

Meet Flex- world’s first fully programmable cloud contact center platform

By : CIOL Writers

Twilio, the cloud communications provider has launched Twilio Flex– a fully programmable cloud contact centre platform. The platform covers multiple channels and allows customers to customize interfaces, routing and reporting. Flex is built on the foundation of Twilio’s Super Network which powers

What’s restricting cloud innovations in India?

BANGALORE, INDIA: Compared to its ranking of 18th in 2016, India’s ranking now has slid down to 20th out of 24 leading IT economies, according to BSA’s 2018 Global Cloud Computing Scorecard. The legal and regulatory environment for cloud computing