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Cloud-first is not a big buzzword anymore

By : CIOL Bureau

As the Vice President of Systems Engineering for Pure Storage in Asia Pacific and Japan, Pratyush Khare leads a team of systems engineers to provide pre-sales support to customers looking for modern data solutions in their digital transformation journeys. An

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Business Through a Cloud-driven Approach

By : CIOL Bureau

The pandemic has forced many organizations, especially SMBs to digitize their operations in recent times. In fact,  a recent McKinsey survey found that 58 percent of organizations surveyed have accelerated their digitization process as a means of surviving the pandemic.

Wipro to invest $1 Billion to in cloud capabilities; announces new division

By : Laxitha Mundhra

Wipro has announced the launch of Wipro FullStride Cloud Services. The company will also invest $1 billion in cloud technologies, capabilities, acquisitions, and partnerships over the next three years. The new division, a collaboration between its Growth Office and existing Global Business Lines, brings

Delivering a ‘Human Experience’ can unlock incremental value for the workplace

In little over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic forced an almost overnight switch to remote working, many dimensions of the “future of work” as we visualized have become the norm. Creating rapid virtual desktops and cloud deployments have demonstrated

Why the Distributed Cloud Model will be a dominant trend in 2021?

By : CIOL Bureau

Forrester Research estimates that about 20% of enterprise workloads now run in the public cloud. A survey by Goldman Sachs aligns with that estimate, finding that 23% of workloads run in the cloud. Further, 43% of organizations expect to migrate

Top Five Cloud Computing Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

By : CIOL Bureau

Right from enabling global supply chains to managing remote workforces, Cloud services have underpinned businesses across the world in various ways. They have undeniably emerged as the digital business ecosystem’s backbone. Emerging technologies like AI and IoT have made it

Right cloud model critical for supporting innovation in startups

By : CIOL Bureau

COVID pandemic has created an unprecedented level of disruption across the world. The sheer nature of the event has pressed the reset button across enterprises and the startup world is no exception. One striking feature that comes out during the

Multiple stops on the cloud compute continuum – all with their own merits

By : CIOL Bureau

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a much misunderstood but still overused cloud term. It does not help that different technology/cloud vendors define it differently. There are also mini variants of PaaS like application PaaS (managed compute services for hosting applications); integration PaaS

Wait! So Cloud is the Spinach?

By : CIOL Bureau

It’s one thing to start a new venture with a disruptive model. But can everyone keep up with the explosive momentum it picks up – without any warnings? Cloud can help a platform to pump up all the muscle one

5G ushering biggest capital investment build-up of our careers

By : CIOL Bureau

Patrick P. Gelsinger is the CEO of VMware, which deals in software for complex digital infrastructure. Patrick gave the Keynote address at VMWare 2019, held in August at San Francisco. Thomas George attended their annual flagship event and presents some

Flockport Announces New Container Platform for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments

By : CIOL Bureau

Flockport announced a new container platform for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. The new platform is designed to simplify application migration and deployment. Containers abstract away the host and make applications portable. You can move entire applications and workloads across servers seamlessly.

Over Half of Enterprises Believe Security Can’t Keep Up with Cloud Adoption: Symantec

By : CIOL Bureau

Symantec Corp. announced new research revealing enterprises are struggling to keep up with the rapid expansion of cloud within their businesses. Surveying 1,250 security decision makers across the globe, Symantec’s Cloud Security Threat Report (CSTR) uncovered insights on the shifting

How to Integrate Essential Cloud Visibility into Your Security Strategy

By : CIOL Bureau

Cloud adoption has skyrocketed as organizations have prioritized cloud strategies and moved key applications to shared resources. The 2019 RightScale State of the Cloud survey found that 94 per cent of IT professionals surveyed use clouds to run their business.

Cloud is Helping Organizations Grow Faster

By : CIOL Bureau

Cloud computing is helping create opportunities for organizations to grow their business, by enabling cost savings, higher productivity and greater operational flexibility. Microsoft’s cloud services, such as productivity tool Office 365 and cloud platform Azure, are helping lower operational cost,

Worldwide Public Cloud Revenue to Grow 17.5 Percent in 2019: Gartner

By : CIOL Bureau

The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 17.5 per cent in 2019 to total $214.3 billion, up from $182.4 billion in 2018, according to Gartner, Inc. The fastest-growing market segment will be cloud system infrastructure services, or

Government of Punjab empanels Microsoft as a cloud service provider

By : CIOL Bureau

The Department of Governance Reform, Punjab has entered into agreements for offering cloud services in the state. Microsoft is the first global cloud service provider to get empaneled for offering cloud services in the state of Punjab for a period

Is Cloud holding back India’s businesses?

By : CIOL Bureau

Nutanix is questioning whether the promise of public cloud may be confusing India’s enterprises and hindering their growth, rather than helping it. Nutanix is challenging conventional cloud thinking by outlining how organizations can redefine their business and business models by

New Global IT Research Report Shows Public Cloud Only is not a Panacea

By : CIOL Bureau

Nutanix shared its research findings of its first ever global Enterprise Cloud Index, measuring enterprise plans for adopting private, hybrid and public clouds. The new report found enterprises plan to increase hybrid cloud usage, with 91% stating hybrid cloud as

HPE Delivers Cloud-Based AI-Driven Operations for HPE ProLiant, Apollo and Synergy Servers

By : CIOL Bureau

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced it is extending HPE InfoSight, an industry-leading cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) management tool, to HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Synergy compute modules and HPE Apollo systems.¹ With global learning and predictive analytics capabilities based on real-world

Connecting the Dots through Data: How Cloud can deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

By : Ashok Pandey

By Adarsh Noronha, Country Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud Technology is a catalyst of change, but customer experience is the reason for the change. In an era of digitization, customers know when they need to change. Unlike earlier times where it