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What makes AI and ML a lucrative career choice in today’s competitive professional realm?

By : CIOL Bureau

Today’s world is in the midst of a digital revolution, which is impacting business operations and functions across industries. With the advent of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and (ML), this transition has been fast-tracked for many, and

Intel boosts AI ecosystem in India; Trains 150,000 students and developers in two years

By : CIOL Bureau

Strengthening its commitment to galvanizing the artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem in India and nurturing local talent, Intel hosted its premier global AI developer event, the Intel AI DevCamp (Intel AIDC), in Bengaluru today. Built by AI practitioners, the conference included

AI Augmentation Will Create $2.9 Trillion of Business Value in 2021: Gartner

By : CIOL Bureau

In 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) augmentation will create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner defines augmented intelligence as a human-centered partnership model of people and AI working together

Understanding the buzzwords of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

By : CIOL Bureau

As the Co-founder and CTO of a tech-driven real estate start-up, I am frequently asked a question: how much of an impact has the technology, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, made on the way businesses operate today? Rather than answering this

Is Artificial intelligence the future of Marketing?

By : CIOL Bureau 2

If we look around, Artificial Intelligence is slowly leaving significant footprints in various sectors and easing the job of humans at multiple fronts. Today, the human workload has reduced remarkably with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. AI deals with creating

Capgemini launches new AI services based on Microsoft Azure to accelerate the business impact of AI

By : CIOL Bureau

Capgemini is expanding its AI capabilities with Microsoft through a series of strategic services aimed at helping enterprises to accelerate their adoption of AI technologies. The new services include AI Engineering for production-grade Data and AI platforms, AI for Operations

Eightfold Inaugurates ‘Eightfold Nalanda’ in India to Accelerate Global Expansion

By : CIOL Bureau

Eightfold.ai announced the opening of ‘Eightfold Nalanda’, its global center of excellence, research and innovation in cutting-edge AI domain. Founded by Dr. Ashutosh Garg and Varun Kacholia, IIT alumni and Machine Learning experts from Google and Facebook, Eightfold.ai has already

Leading Organizations Expect to Double the Number of AI Projects In Place Within the Next Year: Gartner

By : CIOL Bureau

Organizations that are working with artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) have, on average, four AI/ML projects in place, according to a recent survey by Gartner, Inc. Of all respondents, 59% said that they have AI deployed today. The

AI in Sports: The holy grail for the enhanced sports viewing experience

By : CIOL Bureau

AI in sports, as the competition for fan engagement increases across major global sporting events, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning offer new ways to deliver more sophisticated and connected data experiences. New research from NTT highlights sporting organizations need

Expect 2.8 million jobs in India in next 10 years through AI, IoT: BIF Report

By : CIOL Bureau

BIF recently share a report about job creation in India where it stated to create 2.8 million jobs through AI and IoT. Earlier also, we talked about the fear of losing jobs because of innovative technologies including AI and IoT,

Future of banking: Streamlining end to end processes

By : CIOL Bureau

CIOL met Mashreq Global Services Managing Director Santosh Mahalingam in a free-wheeling interview and discussed the future of banking. Mashreq Bank was the first bank in the UAE to issue ATM, debit and credit cards. Mashreq Global Services is developing

The rise of the data engineer brings AI to the forefront within the enterprise

By : CIOL Bureau

The hype around AI is justified by its transformative potential for organizations of all sizes right from SMEs to large enterprises to governments. While its ability to automate and hence reduce costs is well understood, AI’s real potential comes from

6 Impacts of AI in Sports Industry

By : CIOL Bureau

If technology is the change maker, Artificial Intelligence is its flag-bearer. From businesses and jobs to education, AI has left its imprint everywhere. Sports, one of humanity’s oldest forms of organized play, won’t go untouched. On the global level, big

10 Artificial Intelligence Applications that will change the future

By : Sunil Rajguru

  Artificial Intelligence has already entered your life and Algorithms decide what your social media feed looks like and who should drive you home and by what route. Siri and Alexa have become commonplace and people already interact with chatbots

AI for fraud detection to triple by 2021: Study

By : CIOL Bureau

While only 13% of organizations use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect and deter fraud, another 25% plan to adopt such technologies in the next year or two – a nearly 200% increase. Fraud examiners revealed this and

Lucrative and Exciting Career in Artificial Intelligence & Data Sciences

By : CIOL Bureau

According to a recent report, 90% of the data available today has been created in the last 2 years. Social web and smartphones have revolutionized the way the internet is being used. With more than 4 billion people around the

Tech Mahindra Introduces K2, Artificially Intelligent Human Resource Humanoid

By : CIOL Bureau

Tech Mahindra Ltd introduced K2, the first Human Resource (HR) Humanoid for its Noida Special Economic Zone Campus in Uttar Pradesh, India. A perfect blend of knowledge and kindness, K2 will take over the routine HR transactions to provide constant

AI in HR and Recruiting: Three Most Common Use Cases by Gartner

By : CIOL Bureau

HR and recruitment leaders have begun using applications of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve HR efficiency and enhance employee experience. Gartner, Inc. has identified the three most common use cases. “There is a fair number of HR leaders who are

Sophos Adds Predictive Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to Sophos Home Premium for PC

By : CIOL Bureau

Sophos announced the latest version of Sophos Home Premium for PC with predictive artificial intelligence malware detection. Leveraging the same AI technology built into Sophos’ enterprise security products used around the globe, Sophos Home Premium for PC can detect and

Why businesses are walking on the ‘edge’ of revolution

By : CIOL Bureau

A new wave of transformative technology is prevalent in today’s business scenario. Bringing a surge of new opportunities and challenges, the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is here and is rapidly changing the world around us. Technological advances, such as smart devices,