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Why do enterprises need Security operations center

By : Ashok Pandey

Gone are the days, when security experts identify the breach and then take appropriate action to quarantine. Nowadays, it requires a futuristic approach to identify the threat even before it occurs or as soon as possible. Also, automation is happening

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

By : Ashok Pandey 1

Artificial Intelligence is benefiting to various industries including healthcare, education and manufacturing. But what is Artificial intelligence (AI)? In Layman language, a simulator of human intelligence, which makes the decision after analyzing various data utilizing a collection of different intelligent

RateGain launches Smart Distribution – the world’s first frictionless distribution platform

By : Ashok Pandey

RateGain unveiled the Smart Distribution solution during HEDNA, Madrid. This game-changing product will revolutionize the hotel distribution technology and will provide hoteliers with the ability to discover and receive recommendation on new demand opportunities, auto contract with new channels, and

GB WhatsApp: How to Lift the WhatsApp Ban

By : Ashok Pandey

A third party app GB WhatsApp, which is a modified version of WhatsApp, announced its latest version – 7.0 (2019), and there is a lot of buzz around the latest update. But, it’s neither available in the Google Play store nor

CxO of the Week: Dr. Raj Padhiyar, CEO, Digital Gurukul

By : Ashok Pandey

CiOL has chosen Dr. Raj Padhiyar, CxO of the Week, who has won 12+ National & International awards, and have been associated with various Government Organizations, Political Parties in Managing their Digital portfolio. What is your top priority while making

Emerging Technologies are Becoming More Compelling

By : Ashok Pandey

Recently, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Smartphone generated creative fashion designs, the driverless car is now a reality; these and many other tech innovations are easing our daily lives – personal and business both. Business is utilizing emerging technologies to enhance

How AI is Transforming Loan Management

By : Ashok Pandey

As loan management is one of the key divisions of banking and finance companies, AI adoption has grown to do all redundant and mundane tasks, but previously it was not the case. Before we proceed to current developments and the

CxO of the Week: Satya Kalyan Yerramsetti, Founder & CEO of Telebu Communications

By : Ashok Pandey

Your top priority while making decisions to improve tech infra in your organisation? While taking a decision on improving the tech infrastructure, the most important thing for me will be whether this helps makes the product easier to use. So,

Boosting Sales Management Techniques with an Intelligent CRM

By : Ashok Pandey

The growth of an organization majorly depends on sales and managing the sales process is one of the most important functions of any business. In the past few years, the sales management process has changed dramatically. Sales management systems have

Indian Elections 2019: Expectation of Industry Leaders from the New Indian Government

By : Ashok Pandey

Indian voters have cast their vote to elect the next government and today is the day when we are waiting for the Indian Elections 2019 Results. The counting is still going on but the trends are showing that a strong

CxO of the Week: Deepak Gupta, CO-Founder & COO, Myloancare

By : Ashok Pandey

This week’s CxO, Deepak Gupta, Founder and CoO of MyLoanCare, is responsible for driving force behind the building of the robust and continuously evolving technology platform at Myloancare. Under his leadership, MyLoanCarehas emerged as a remarkably profitable online marketplace in

GajShield Introduces GajOS: Bulwark 4.0 worldwide, backed by Contextual Intelligence Engine, for Ultimate Cyber Defense

By : Ashok Pandey

Strengthening its position in the Indian enterprise Cybersecurity Market, GajShield Infotech announced the next generation network security solutions, ‘GAJ OS Bulwark 4.0’. Enhancing the firewall experience, backed by contextual intelligence, the Bulwark 4.0 goes beyond just application context and gains

The Great shift in Media Consumption from conventional to User Generated Content

By : Ashok Pandey

With the evolution in media, there has been a remarkable shift in the kind of content being consumed. This has led to multiple changes, ranging from content generation to its implications on the various industries. For instance, this has helped

AI in Manufacturing: A Flexible and Intelligent Decision Management Solutions

By : Ashok Pandey

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not just a buzz word, it’s actually revolutionizing various industries including manufacturing. Some of the organizations have adopted AI in manufacturing in all or some forms. But who still planning to deploy AI has questions like

How mobile service providers are preparing to fortify security in anticipation of 5G deployments: A10 Networks Survey

By : Ashok Pandey

A10 Networks announced the findings of the ‘Securing the Future of a Smart World’ Survey in partnership with Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network. Gathering insights from 145 telco and cloud service providers worldwide, including India, to understand industry intentions, priorities

CxO of the Week: Niraj Ranjan Rout, Co-founder & CEO, Hiver

By : Ashok Pandey

CxO of the Week: Niraj Ranjan Rout is the CEO and co-founder of Hiver, an email collaboration tool built for G Suite users. Prior to Hiver, he and Nitesh Nandy started Mobicules, an app and web development company. At Hiver,

6 Best and Free iPhone IMEI Checker Websites and How to Find iPhone IMEI Number?

By : Ashok Pandey 2

What is the IMEI number? It’s a unique 15 digit number that is the identity of your phone. You can use Android and iPhone IMEI checker websites or tools to track various information about your smartphone. Whether you are buying

User Behavior Analytics: Protect Your Business from Insider Threat

By : Ashok Pandey

Every year multiple cyber attacks impact badly on businesses, small and large. Almost every company use different devices and software to protect themselves from these attacks, but what if the attacker sits inside the office? According to Verizon’s Insider Threat

CxO of the Week: Anil Nagar, Co-founder & CEO, Adda 247

By : Ashok Pandey

Anil Nagar, Co-founder & CEO, Adda 247, is CxO of this Week. He has over 15 years of expertise as well as he established Career Power in 2010 to provide students across India with affordable, highly accessible, and world-class educational facility to

Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hotstar vs Voot Vs SonyLIV Vs Zee5 Vs Airtel TV: Choose Smartly

By : Ashok Pandey

This is the era of the digital video platform, most of the people are moving toward digital video contents available online. How many of you remember Sacred Games on Netflix and Mirzapur on Amazon Prime! Most of the top video