Cyber Security Trends: Securing the future

Ashok Pandey
New Update

The pandemic has changed the way we were working, now most of the professionals are working from home, using their home Wi-Fi or mobile internet. This internet connectivity is not secured enough to stop hackers to steal your data. It's like we have opened our gates for scammers and hackers.


We spoke to Sai Pratyush - Group Product Head – IoT, Cloud and SaaS, Tata Teleservices Ltd. to understand the trends and threats.

Cyber security trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for hackers and online scammers, and Cybersecurity experts say that there is a significant increase in cyber-attacks post the Pandemic. Investing in Cybersecurity is no longer an option, it has become a necessity. We are seeing the following key trends related to Cybersecurity across the country.


1. Focus on not only Network security but end-point security

2. Digital trust through multi-factor Authentication

3. Data Protection at Source as well (laptops, mobiles, in the case of employees working from Home)


We are seeing the increased use of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud-based security and Managed Security to counter Cybersecurity threats.  In the new normal, Businesses are evaluating how to establish effective controls over new working models — the home and office working model.

This implies investing in a more effective endpoint, email and web security infrastructure, Remote Access powered by two-factor authentication, Secure Cloud Applications among other initiatives. Besides undertaking effective security measures, we also see companies adopting AI-based automation to secure confidential data being accessed by employees working from home over laptops or mobile devices.

The introduction of AI in key industry segments is vital in building automated security systems and threat detection solutions. Automation also is one of the most useful innovations for cyber-security as these services can detect and respond to security incidents and speed up a time to resolve issues and eliminate unnecessary business disruption.


Cybersecurity threats

The internet is pervaded with Viruses, malicious links and threats. Data breaches are commonplace now and businesses are more vulnerable than ever before. The Click of a mouse has the ability to create havoc within an organization.

Most of the businesses that are invested with sensitive data cannot afford to lose any information, as the loss or theft of data can have severe consequences on them. Apart from monetary loss, business reputation is also at stake if the Business fails to safeguard sensitive data, exposing its clients or customers to high factors of risk.


COVID 19 has proved to be a tipping point for digital transformation for enterprises and the need for enhanced Cybersecurity measures has become more critical than before. With employees working within office premises, the perimeter is known and can be secured. The challenge becomes magnified with employees working from Home.

While the sudden switch to remote working has accelerated the digital enablement of Businesses environments and workplace transformation; this has also mandated enterprises to take a serious look at their Cybersecurity infrastructure to maintain business continuity.

As the vital infrastructure of businesses goes digital, our customers are realizing the need for security solutions to protect them from cyber-attacks like phishing, distributed denial of service, data breach, ransomware etc.


Not only have attacks become more pervasive, but they have also become far more sophisticated. So much so that many businesses, especially SMBs, simply do not have the capabilities and security infrastructure to battle these on their own. Here’s where companies like us come into the picture to offer Managed Security Services to our customers.

Overall customer base

We have always had a strong customer base amongst enterprises and start-ups across sectors such as BFSI, IT/ITeS, Manufacturing, EdTech, Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics and E-commerce. Our strength lies in the fact that we understand the ICT requirements of our customers and take to them Product Propositions that they need.


The benefits of partnership with FistWave

Our partnership with FirstWave will bring their comprehensive portfolio of next-gen Platform based security solutions to our enterprise customers in India. We will leverage their unique SaaS (Software as a Service) orchestration technology platform - Cloud Content Security Provider (CCSP) to launch their full catalogue of security services including email, web, next-generation firewall, endpoint and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Our security solutions apply machine-learning models integrated with Security offerings from Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet for email, next-generation firewall and web security solutions. This Security Platform will enable our customers to easily access these comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that can be rapidly deployed on affordable subscription prices.

These solutions will secure our customers using public and private cloud applications while delivering operational efficiencies and reducing their overall security management cost due to multi-tenanted architecture.