6 Best Find My Phone App for Android and IMEI Tracker Apps

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Have you lost your phone? Now you have fear of exposing your personal data, images, videos, etc. Don’t worry you can not only track your device also you can wipe out your content remotely. There are apps that let you do tracking and wiping quickly and easily.

Google Find My Device

You can see your phone, tablet or watch on a map. If the current location isn’t available, you’ll see the last known location. Navigate to your device with Google Maps by tapping the device location and then the Maps icon. You can even play a sound at full volume, even if your device is on silent.

Also, you can erase the device or lock it with a custom message and contact number on the lock screen.


Check the step-by-step process – How to Find My Android Phone?


Wheres My Droid

Using the app, you can turn the ringer volume up and make your phone ring. The app can also get the GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps if you’re not near enough to your phone to hear the ringer. You have the freedom to track your phone from anywhere with a text messaged attention word or with our online Commander.

You can secure your mobile data in case of stolen. You can wipe and lock your stolen phone. Locking your phone will make it unusable while you try to track your lost phone’s location. If there is no hope of finding your phone, then you can erase your personal information with the wipe feature.

Lost Android

Control your device remotely from the http://www.androidlost.com or by SMS. You can lock your lost phone or wipe the data remotely. Track the lost phone using GPS or network plus, start alarm with flashing screen. Also, it lets you know the smartphone’s battery status, IMEI, etc.

Another interesting feature of the app is getting an email whenever someone adds a new SIM card.

Security & Antivirus | Lookout

Using this app you can protect your data from dangerous Wi-Fi attacks. As well as track your phone in case of lost or stolen. Using the map you can get the location of your device and make it sound an alarm – even when it is on silent. Also, the Lookout Premium includes all the functionality of Lookout Basic, but with an added layer of security to protect your device, your personal information and your privacy. And it also helps you to get alerts/email with a photo and location whenever suspicious behaviour is detected that could mean it has been stolen

Find My Phone

The app lets you track your iPhone & Android devices using this state-of-the-art GPS tracker. Lost, stolen or missing device can be tracked with the app easily. Its navigational assistance can guide you to a lost device, making retrieval quick and easy.

You can see where your phone has been throughout the day, using the location history feature. As the Droid is moved, the app can track that. Later, you can just open the app and find out where it has, and where it hasn’t been!

IMEI Tracker – Find My Device

One of the perfect apps to locate your lost mobile device. Keep tabs on a lost or missing device with real-time location updates. When the missing or stolen phone is moved, its position is updated instantly on the app’s map and our website. You can even track & locate Android tablets, or an iPad.

When the new SIM card is inserted in the mobile, this Mobile Tracker for Android app begins and automatically sends SMS from the SIM card which is inserted.

You have to store your family/friends mobile numbers in the app and the SMS can be sent to those mobile numbers. The SMS contains the IMEI number of the mobile and service provider details of the SIM. The security enhanced by prompting password to open the application.

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