CEIR: How to block stolen or lost phone?

DoT announced a portal to track lost phones. The new portal will help mobile phone users trace their stolen or lost mobile phones.

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How to block stolen or lost phone

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) recently announced a new portal where consumers can find and trace their lost phones. Minister for Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad on Friday unveiled this new portal on Friday, 13 September in Mumbai to help mobile phone users trace their stolen or lost mobile phones.


This new project is called Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) and has been undertaken by DoT for this purpose. Govt took this initiative so that they can block lost mobiles across mobile networks. This will discourage mobile theft plus facilitate tracing of such phones.

Though there are ways to track lost mobile using unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number plus one can use track my phone service of Google and Apple as well. These services are there but have some limitations.

The CEIR will not only help to track the phone also it will block network services, meaning the phone will become a metal box, nothing else.


The initiative is really good and helps to reduce such crimes, but how?

Here are some simple steps to block your stolen or lost phone

First, visit the official website of

Click on CEIR service

Go to – Block stolen/lost mobile

It will redirect you to a form where you need to provide details of your device that includes Mobile no, IMEI no, mobile brand and model, location, and owner information, etc.

Once you are done with filling all the details, click on the declaration checkbox and then “submit”.

The report will be generated for the lost mobile and accordingly, CEIR will take appropriate action.