How to Find My Android Phone: Step-by-Step Process

We have already talked about 6 Best IMEI Tracker Apps and now we come up with two easiest ways to find my android phone, whether stolen or lost.

Ashok Pandey
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Have you lost your phone and want to track? It’s not that difficult as seems. Earlier we talked about 6 Best Find My Android Phone and IMEI Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone, and this time we are explaining the step-by-step process to locate the lost phone.


there are multiple ways to locate the lost or stolen device, the easiest way to track a phone is using the google search if you have a smartphone running on Android.

Find my Android Phone: Using Google Search

You need to simply visit to and sign-in with your Google ID which you have used to set-up your lost mobile. Now you need to put a search term “find my phone” or “where is my phone”. It will hardly take a few seconds to find your phone with the accuracy of 31 meters.

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You can ring your phone using the same window or recover the data.

Find my Android Phone: Using the Google Find My Device App


If you are unable to see a laptop of PC to visit, no worries, you can install the Google Find My Device App. Once done sign-in with the email you used to set-up your phone. The app will track your smartphone or tablet with better location accuracy. And in case the current location isn’t available, you can check the last known location.

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Using Google Maps, you can see the location of your phone on your screen, plus can easily navigate to your device.

find my phone android

Remotely you can secure your device with a custom message to the person who found or have stolen your phone. Also, you can provide alternative phone no so that person can contact you.

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If you find the device near you, maybe in the office or home but not able to locate, then you can play sound for 35 minutes.

If nothing works, you can wipe out all your personal data, remotely using the app.

The app can help you to track up to three devices, current and past two phones which were set-up using the same Google account.

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