6 Best and Free iPhone IMEI Checker Websites and How to Find iPhone IMEI Number?

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What is the IMEI number? It’s a unique 15 digit number that is the identity of your phone. You can use Android and iPhone IMEI checker websites or tools to track various information about your smartphone. Whether you are buying a new or used mobile, it will help you to understand the authenticity of the device.

Now the question comes that where you can find the IMEI number? I am sure most of the gadget freaks know how to find iPhone IMEI number, still, let me help you to get the right information quickly and easily.

How to find iPhone IMEI Number?

There are four ways –

1- The back side of the iPhone or box

At the back side of the phone, near the bottom, you can check the device for IMEI number. It can be easily found with iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/6+ and the original iPhone, but in case it’s not printed there, check the box.

iphone imei checker box screenshot

2- On SIM card tray

Apple does print the IMEI on the SIM card tray. Just remove the card tray and check IMEI.  However, there is a possibility that you won’t find IMEI on SIM tray as Apple doesn’t print on all models. Don’t worry still you have ways to find the IMEI number.

3- Settings

Unlock your phone, and go to settings. Then – General and lastly – About. In this section, you will be able to see your device’s IMEI.

iphone imei checker screenshot

4- Dial *#06# to get IMEI

The simplest way to get your IMEI is just dial *#06# on your iPhone (or any mobile phone), it would retrieve the IMEI number.


Now, when you know your IMEI number, it’s time to check other details. As I mentioned earlier as well, it can be beneficial when you are buying a new or used device.

Once you enter IMEI, you will receive the following information –

# Network and country from which iPhone comes from

# Purchase date of iPhone device

# System version for iPhone device

# Warranty information for iPhone device


Also, you can get info about activation lock status and also blacklist status. You may get to know the network and country from which your device originally comes from. You should use iPhone IMEI checker before buying new or used device so that you come to know if the device is valid and original.

Enough Gyan, now the question is which is the right platform for iPhone IMEI check?

6 Top iPhone IMEI checker

We evaluated numerous web tools and finally found these top 6 iPhone IMEI check free online tools.




















These web tools are perfect to check iPhone IMEI number for free. go to any one of them to get network, country, purchase date, system version and warranty information etc.

Hope it will help you, if you have used any one of the tools, please let us know or if you have better tool suggestion, please share in the comment box.

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  1. minotawr
    #1 minotawr 31 May, 2019, 09:05

    I think imei.info is the best imei tool

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  2. Wojtek G.
    #2 Wojtek G. 31 May, 2019, 10:18

    Best results give IMEI.info page all phone correct data and all fast and without log in.

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