Google Reduces Employment in Its Cloud Division by 100: Report

Google's cloud division faces layoffs amid soaring profits, impacting sales, operations, and engineering roles. Despite concerns, the tech giant emphasizes strategic investments for long-term growth amidst changing customer priorities.

Manisha Sharma
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Google layoffs

Google plans to continue making layoffs. The rapidly expanding cloud segment of the tech behemoth owned by Alphabet recently disclosed a new round of layoffs that would eliminate at least 100 positions across several teams. According to CNBC, jobs in engineering, sales, operations, consulting, and "go-to-market" strategy are among those affected.


A leaked internal email to CNBC indicates that Google, an Alphabet subsidiary, is planning to fire at least one hundred employees from its cloud division. These layoffs will impact positions in sales, operations, engineering, consulting, and "go-to-market" strategy.

In Brief:

Google announces a fresh round of layoffs, cutting 100 jobs in its cloud unit.


The jobs will be affecting roles in sales, operations, and engineering.

The layoffs are part of a broader strategy to align with customer priorities.

Google's Workforce Realignment: Embracing Change for Future Growth


The report follows the California-based tech giant's unspecified layoffs across various teams in April, as part of its cost-cutting measures.

A Google spokesperson stated that the recent layoffs are part of a broader initiative to align the workforce with changing customer priorities and future opportunities. "We continue to evolve our business to meet our customers' priorities and the significant opportunity ahead," the spokesperson said in an emailed statement, according to sources. Despite the reductions, Google emphasized its commitment to investing in crucial areas essential for its long-term success. "We maintain our commitment to investing in areas that are critical to our business and ensure our long-term success."

Google Layoffs and Rising Employee Concerns


According to sources familiar with the matter, some of the employees who lost their jobs had been involved in the company's annual Google Cloud Next event in mid-April.

Google has been executing continuous layoffs since early 2023. Employees have voiced concerns about having to meet tighter deadlines with fewer resources and reduced opportunities for internal advancement, despite the company's record profits.

Google Layoffs Amidst Surging Profits


Google has been undergoing a series of layoffs since early 2023, prompting employee complaints about tighter deadlines, limited resources, and reduced opportunities for internal advancement. Despite this, the company has recorded remarkable profits.

Revenue for Google Cloud, home to much of the company’s AI technology, surged by 28% to $9.57 billion in the latest quarter, surpassing expectations. Operating income also quadrupled to $900 million, indicating significant profitability after years of heavy investment to compete with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.



In summary, Google's recent layoffs in its cloud division, despite rising profits, underscore the company's struggle to adapt its operations to growing customer needs. Despite concerns about employees, Google maintains its focus on long-term success and strategic investment in key areas of its business.

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