Swiggy Strengthens Fraud Prevention Using SHIELD’s Device-First Risk AI Platform

Swiggy bolsters its fraud prevention measures by integrating SHIELD's device-first Risk AI platform, enhancing security for its vast user base.

Manisha Sharma
New Update


Swiggy has partnered with SHIELD, a state-of-the-art AI platform that puts a device-first risk assessment first, to improve its ability to identify and stop fraudulent activity. With the help of SHIELD's Device Intelligence, Swiggy hopes to stop the misuse of promotions and stop dishonest tactics among its Delivery Partner network.


The Impact of Promo Abuse and Fraud on Online Businesses

Online businesses continue to face a global challenge in the form of promo abuse, which includes the misuse of platform discounts, sign-up perks, referral incentives, and the monopolisation of time-sensitive offers. Fraud syndicates generate fake accounts at scale by using app cloners and tampered applications, which negatively affects user acquisition ROI and denies eligible benefits to real users.

Furthermore, delivery partners use dishonest methods and instruments to falsify their location information, hit goals, and wrongfully claim rewards that they haven't earned. Delivery partners' overall experience is jeopardized by such actions, which also weaken their faith in the platform's fairness.


The device-first risk of SHIELD Swiggy's Trust & Safety team's ability to proactively spot fraudulent activity and abuse on the platform has been greatly enhanced by the AI platform. 

Dolly Sureka, Vice President - Assurance & Business Advisory and lead for Trust and Safety at Swiggy, said “Swiggy’s vision is to elevate the quality of life of urban consumers by offering unparalleled convenience. Our partnership with SHIELD has enhanced Swiggy’s Fraud Prevention and Detection mechanisms through device-first risk intelligence. This has empowered us to focus our resources on genuine users and proactively manage potential abuse on the platform.” 

Gautam Sehgal, Director, SHIELD, added, “Swiggy has established itself as the standard for convenience within the competitive Indian market, and SHIELD is proud to support Swiggy in establishing itself as the standard for trust and fairness as well.”