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Ericsson releases its 10 hot consumer trends for 2019

By : CIOL Bureau

Ericsson has released the eighth edition of its ConsumerLab trend report, 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2019, representing predictions of 34 million early technology adopters. The latest edition of the annual report evaluates consumer thoughts and predictions on near-future technology including

Meeting the Intelligent Data Management needs of 2019

By : CIOL Bureau

India is at the cusp of digital transformation, witnessing an unprecedented growth in the volume of data generated. Human and machine generated data is growing ten times faster than traditional business data, and machine data is growing at 50 times

Top Five 2019 Data Center Trends: Edge Will Drive Change

By : CIOL Bureau

The edge of the network continues to be the epicentre of innovation in the data center space as the calendar turns to 2019, with activity focusing on increased intelligence designed to simplify operations, enable remote management and service, and bridge

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Trends Impacting Infrastructure and Operations for 2019

By : CIOL Bureau

Gartner, Inc. highlighted the key technologies and trends that infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders must start preparing for to support digital infrastructure in 2019. “More than ever, I&O is becoming increasingly involved in unprecedented areas of the modern day enterprise.

IoT Heralds New Trends in Factory Automation for Improved Output

By : CIOL Bureau

By Sunil Mehta, General Manager – Automotive Business Development Department & Milind Gokhale, Senior Manager, e-F@ctory Promotions, Factory Automation &Industrial Division, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. In the recent past, factory automation has been witnessing several changes, thanks to technological

7 Trends Driving Enterprise IT Transformation in 2019

By : CIOL Bureau

Enabling the business outcome in a ‘Real-Time’ enterprise environment is the next challenge for global brands and government agencies in 2019. Tech companies will need to drive hard to continually exceed to their customers’ expectations during a time of accelerating

Top 4 Digital Workplace Trends to prepare for in 2019

By : CIOL Bureau

Technology has redefined our day-to-day endeavours, empowering us to improve productivity and with fewer efforts. Technologies are shaping our future, it has changed the way we were doing business in past, and continue to redefine enterprise. Let’s have a look

Top 3 Data-driven Business Intelligence Trends

By : Ashok Pandey

Running a successful business requires a lot of analysis and intelligence to track the recent and upcoming trends. Business Intelligence enables to develop products and solutions that can benefit existing plus potential customers. As we already said, data is everywhere,

Top 3 Business Intelligence Trends

By : Ashok Pandey 1

Data is going to be the future for almost every business, it’s like new fuel or gold. This new commodity can help business to learn their potential customers’ behaviour and other activities to decide his next move so that they