Dell EMC Reveals the Top 6 Server Trends that will rule in 2019

As we move ahead in the year 2019, amongst the gamut of factors driving the growth of server industry, Dell EMC shares the top 6 trends which

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With the emergence of a data-driven ecosystem, the dynamics of the Indian IT industry has changed significantly. With the proliferation of smart devices, connected sensors and the constant and insatiable need for data-driven insights, IT has moved from back office functionality to forefront executive strategy.


Therefore, in order to stay relevant in the future, the efforts to transform the legacy/traditional IT infrastructures have gained a lot more importance for businesses across verticals. Servers form the foundation of the modern IT infrastructure – running a variety of workloads from database to software-defined storage.

As we move ahead in the year 2019, amongst the gamut of factors driving the growth of server industry, Dell EMC shares the top 6 trends which will dominate the server market:

# IT must be the enabler of Transformational Journey: Servers are the bedrock for the modern datacenter, helping businesses become more nimble, intelligent, competitive and adaptive. Hence, businesses must transform and embrace the digital world, with a new business model benefiting from advanced technologies like data analytics, AI, ML and DL


# The Edge is real: The expectations of IT hardware, software and datacenter infrastructure will continue to evolve in 2019. The edge evolution will provide vast potential for how customers and providers use, analyze and distribute data. The creation of POCs (edge proof of concepts) in 2019 will allow all parties to vet and test new technologies and associated cost models

# The Journey to kinetic Infrastructure continues: The terms “composable infrastructure” and “server disaggregation” entered the mind sets of many enterprise IT departments in 2018. 2019 will also see the rise of technologies that allow the composition of certain classes of components. Therefore, it will be a year of acceleration on the kinetic Infrastructure journey

# Data Science business disruption leads need for AI/ML/DL: In 2019, the boundaries of Information technology will be stretched to their limit as the “data creation” IT economy transitions to one of “data consumption.” Thus, as the volume and variety of data, an organization needs to analyse grows, there will be an increasing need to utilize data enriched techniques like artificial intelligence/machine learning/deep learning to help transform this data into information


# Data: On-prem repatriation is happening: As the cloud model continues to mature, companies are recognizing the challenges around public cloud and have started to repatriate data and workloads back to on-premises. To fight the challenges around public cloud, a hybrid cloud model has quickly emerged as a much more appropriate solution for a majority of businesses. This data/workload placement transition is known as cloud repatriation

# Security threats are the new exponential: 2019 will see yet another year of the exponential growth in security threats. Greater focus on encryption will emerge, requiring any data at rest to be encrypted, whether at the edge or in the datacenter, along with robust encryption key management

“Increasing workloads due to penetration of emerging technologies has forced IT infrastructure to deliver modern capabilities that adapts and scales with business needs. We, at Dell EMC believe that 2019 holds a goldmine opportunity for the server industry as the customers give prime importance to transforming their IT infrastructure, says Mr. Manish Gupta, Senior Director & General Manager, Compute & Networking Group, Dell EMC India. With our industry leading server portfolio, we are confident that we are the right digital partners for our customers, helping them to generate their best business potential.”

Dell EMC offers a holistic server portfolio of industry-leading 14th generation PowerEdge servers, which offer scalable business architecture and intelligent automation. The server portfolio also delivers a robust layer of security, across the hardware and firmware. Simultaneously, it offers a cyber-resilient architecture that extends across every aspect of the server, including the embedded server firmware, the data stored in the system, etc., which is the need of the hour.

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