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Microsoft optimizes Skype for entry-level Android smartphones

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft is launching an updated version of Skype for Android devices. The updated version will be optimized to run on low-end Android smartphones, providing better audio and video quality on those smartphones. Great News! A lighter version of Skype is now

Microsoft’s Skype disappears from app stores in China

By : CIOL Writers

Skype has disappeared from app stores in China including that of Apple, joining the long list of apps that are banned in the country including  Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, YouTube, Netflix, and more. “We have been notified by the Ministry of

Skype brings Snapchat-like AI photo effects

By : CIOL Writers

Snapchat may not be doing wonders for Snap but its surely a huge source of inspiration for other social media platforms. The latest copy-cat in the long list is Skype that has added a string of Snapchatesque photo effects to its mobile

Microsoft finally brings Cortana to Skype for iOS and Android

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft announced that it is bringing Cortana, its AI assistant to Skype for iOS and Android users. It will work very much like Google’s Allo and Facebook Messenger’s M and will be available as a conversational partner. Cortana will provide

Skype Lite gets ‘SMS Insights’ to help you organize your messages better

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft has rolled out a new feature called ‘SMS Insights’ in its Skype Lite app to help users organize and classify their text messages better. The new feature will make the SMS box on your smartphones smarter with automatic message sorting under different

Skype previews a new feature that assesses candidates’ coding skills over video interviews

In a bid to further augment its position in the business user segment, Skype has added a new preview feature called Interviews that allows interviewers test candidates in seven programming languages over Skype using a real-time code editor. Currently this kind of

Skype’s new design to arrive on desktop with a preview app

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft is launching a preview version Skype with a new desktop design available for users to try. Skype says that the new changes are made with the larger screen of the desktop in mind. Microsoft has tweaked group chats in

Microsoft is bringing Skype for Business to BMW cars

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft has announced that it is bringing Skype for Business to BMW cars that use iDrive system. Last year, BMW added Office 365 communications feature to its BMW 5 series and now it’s adding Skype to it infotainment features that will allow users

While the global outage is resolved, Skype remains silent

By : CIOL Writers

If you were one of those Skype users, who were unable to use Skype because of the global outage, sit back, the problem has been resolved. After three days of the blackout, the company announced the problem had been solved,

Skype is shutting down a plethora of features on July 1

By : CIOL Writers

Skype is getting ready for a major makeover, specifically a youth-oriented makeover. While the company is introducing ‘new’ features, the platform is also getting rid of some old features. We will first talk about the new features. Demonstrated at company’s

Skype gets Snapchat-inspired makeover

By : CIOL Writers

If you thought Facebook is the only one enamoured by Snapchat, think again. In a bid to keep pace with Gen Y chatting apps, Microsoft has launched a completely revamped version of Skype application inspired by today’s most popular chatting

Microsoft ups its ante, launches Skype Lite for India

Thomas George On his three-day visit to India, Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft Corporation, has made a series of announcements and one of the  biggest one made at the Future Decoded conference today is the launch of ‘Skype Lite’,

Amazon ready to take on Skype & WebEx with new UC app, Chime

USA: Amazon Web Services today announced Amazon Chime, a new unified communications service that makes meetings easier and more efficient than ever before. Most meetings solutions are only good at one thing (e.g. voice calls, video conferencing, screen sharing, or

Skype Mingo, Microsoft’s latest attempt to be your ultimate channel for communication

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft is testing an ultimate communication hub for Android users. Currently, in alpha mode, “Skype Mingo” is designed as an alternative to the default messaging app for functions like calling, texting, and contact management. Or we should say, the new

Slack launches video-calling feature to take on Skype

By : CIOL Writers

Just a day after Skype launched real-time translation feature to mobile phones and landlines, its arch-rival Slack has launched video-calling feature, both one-to-one and group video calling. Slack says the video calling feature will be available first on Slack for

Skype expands real-time translation feature to mobile and landlines

By : CIOL Writers

Breaking the language barrier, Microsoft-owned video chat service Skype has expanded its real-time translation feature to both mobile and landlines. Powered by deep learning system, the feature was initially available only for Skype-to-Skype calls. The new version of Skype Preview

WhatsApp finally launches video-calling feature for everyone

By : CIOL Writers

Though a little late but WhatsApp is finally launching video-calling on its platform. After rolling out the feature to selected users via the WhatsApp beta app on Android and Windows last month, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has now officially launched the much-awaited

Buying Skype Credit gets easier as prices now start at Rs 30

CHENNAI, INDIA: Skype users will now be able to buy Skype Credit from prices as low as Rs 30. Until now, Skype users in India could only buy Skype credit starting at Rs 300. “We are always looking to find

Wass Up Tech: Paying a price, Paying fines

INDIA: Security is changing many things. If announcements made at Cisco Live (yes, the networking giant is

Microsoft updates Skype for Linux

By : CIOL Writers

Skype users on Linux know how unstable and unreliable the platform is. Thankfully, a fix is