Microsoft finally brings Cortana to Skype for iOS and Android

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Microsoft announced that it is bringing Cortana, its AI assistant to Skype for iOS and Android users. It will work very much like Google's Allo and Facebook Messenger's M and will be available as a conversational partner.


Cortana will provide you with directions and weather forecast and will deliver answers to questions via visual cards. Cortana can find movie dates for you, organize your day by detecting information in your chats and intelligently schedule calendar appointments, and can be called on to inject a touch of levity in your conversation by way of jokes. Cortana also suggests smart replies, allowing you to respond to any message quickly and easily—without typing a thing.

Microsoft bring Cortana to Skype for iOS and Android

Microsoft says that Cortana exists as a Skype contact with which users can have "conversations" to check movie times, the weather, flight status, stock quotes, and restaurant recommendations. Cortana for Skype is rolling out on the iOS and Android in the US starting from today.

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