Microsoft brings Edge browser to iOS and Android in beta

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Microsoft brings Edge to ios and Android in preview

Microsoft is finally bringing its Edge browser to iOS and Android devices. The beta version of the mobile browser is only available to Windows Insiders, which requires a Windows 10 PC to sign up. iOS users will be able to access it through Testflight, while Android users can snag it through Google Play's app testing service.


The beta version has the 'continue on PC' function which is at the center of Edge for iOS and Android and it is useful when you enter a mobile website that doesn't work right, or if you want to continue on a big screen and keyboard. The mobile browser synchronizes with your experience on the desktop, allowing you to easily continue what you are reading on your Windows 10 machine. Bookmarks, reading lists and passwords also get synchronized. The Edge browser has a built-in QR code reader that differentiates it from the rest.

The Edge for iOS, however, does not support pen highlighting features as yet. The browser will rely on Webkit on iOS and Blink engine on Android (which means that Microsoft is shipping its own version of the Blink engine inside the app). Additionally, the company has also launched Microsoft Launcher for Android in public preview.

The Edge browser for iOS is available today for a limited audience in Apple’s TestFlight system, and the Android app will be available shortly via Android’s Play Store Early Access.

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