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Lockdown 4.0: Technological roadmap against Coronavirus, in the words of Dr Harshvardhan

By : CIOL Bureau

On the National Technology Day, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Science & Technology, Dr Harshvardhan gave a series of interviews. He focused on aspects like social distancing, use of technology and human sensitivity in fighting against the Coronavirus.

How tech will shape the “new normal” in a post-Covid world

By : CIOL Bureau

From online shopping to e-learning, from contactless payments to a greater usage of drones and robots for surveillance and deliveries, we are going to witness a transformation like never before. Automation is going to find a wider acceptance and much

Tech is the chief differentiator in this crisis

By : CIOL Bureau

On May 11, 1998, India went nuclear again with Pokhran II. That is why that day is celebrated as National Technology Day. After more than 20 years, this day is more and more relevant as, as we turn to technology

How start-ups should respond to COVID-19 business challenges

By : CIOL Bureau

On the occasion of National Technology Day, Ratish Pandey, Business Coach, spells out a couple of pivot points which start-ups may consider to ride through this crisis. The pandemic, Coronavirus, has created a health crisis across the world, severely impacting

The final surge towards the cloud

By : CIOL Bureau 4

Monish Matthias, Senior Director, Software Development, Global Development Center, (Bengaluru), Sabre Corporation, writes about the fast changing technology scene during the COVID-19 crisis on the occasion of National Technology Day. Unprecedented—would be the right word to use for the changes