Lockdown 4.0: Technological roadmap against Coronavirus, in the words of Dr Harshvardhan

On the National Technology Day, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Science & Technology, Dr Harshvardhan gave interviews on Indian Tech sector.

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Dr Harshvardhan addressing nation on National Technology day

On the National Technology Day, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Science & Technology, Dr Harshvardhan gave a series of interviews. He focused on aspects like social distancing, use of technology and human sensitivity in fighting against the Coronavirus. The States will still determine how they make-do Lockdown 4.0. But the Central Government is responsible for strategies to fight Coronavirus.


How is India fighting Coronavirus?

Are we successful in fighting Coronavirus? Well, Dr Harshvardhan stated that the death rate in India was 3%. And he also added that we have been able to identify affected and unaffected areas. The Centre is trying to keep the unaffected areas stay unaffected and reduce spread in affected areas. He applauded the efforts of people by stating that "everyone is trying their bits to stay safe with social distancing."

In the affected areas, there are large containment plans and micro plans that the local authorities make. A central team of experts is helping in micro-managing these areas. In areas like NCR, Mumbai that are red zones, he assured that there is still not community spread and we are not in Stage 3. These places have specific problems like large population and density, slums, and small houses and therefore, it is difficult to manage social distancing here. But using technology made that researchers have discovered, we have been able to get through this situation.


Technological use in India

He praised the scientists and technologists who are making breakthrough researches, cost-efficient technologies in the wake of COVID-19. Further, he added that scientists must use the power of their knowledge to move towards a ‘Solution Economy’. Apart from tech, scientists are also working to discover a vaccine. Dr Harshvardhan said, "On National Technology Day I extend my deep appreciation to our scientists who’re living upto the New India vision of PM Modi."

He is also the Minister 0F Earth Science. In that role, he also supported the view that India is now considered as a globally emerging force in the realm of Earth Sciences technologies. Here, Indians intend to take a quantum leap in developing Manned Submersibles for 6000m water depth. This will be useful for underwater exploration and Deep-Sea Mining technology.


Moreover, he stated:

Apart from putting the healthcare systems of various countries out of gear, the COVID-19 pandemic has also severely affected the health of the global economy. The technological and other issues involved in the pandemic are vast and complex. However, in the present crisis, technology has emerged as a forerunner in the battle against COVID-19. As we all navigate through this unprecedented crisis, India’s fight against the COVID is moving ahead with great strength and steadfastness.

Start-up and entrepreneurial support


Talking about the "Economy of ideas", he urged young entrepreneurs and scientists to come up with innovative idea. Thus, using Start-ups and their brights minds, they should come up with a purpose and solution economy. We are already working towards genetic sequencing and thus, the Centre will help such researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs. The centre has also set up a "Task Force" to map people who can contribute to technological advances.

The Make-In-India program has already increased the number of tech firms coming up. These include the production of low-cost, high-quality masks, sanitisers, PPE Kits and ventilators. He even applauded the efforts of DRDO making equipment at war-front.

His interviews also highlighted that the Centre is trying to come up with solutions for the economy. But the right way to do it is with adoption on technology and digitization.

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