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Airtel launches Google Assistant based Digital Customer Care

By : CIOL Bureau

Airtel smartphone customers will now able to get instant resolution to their frequent account related queries through the Google Assistant. In yet another industry first, Airtel has collaborated with Google to truly simplify its customer service experience by integrating its

Google Assistant now lets users send and receive money in US

By : CIOL Writers

Google has announced that users in the US would be able to send and receive money from their friends by just giving a voice command that starts with “Hey Google”. To send money, say “Hey Google, send Jane $15 for

Voice interfaces start crawling into the enterprises

Soma Tah Until last year, voice technology has not seen a widespread adoption because of its failings in one important aspect, i.e. speech recognition. But thanks to the advancement in Natural Language Processing(NLP) and speech recognition systems in the past couple of

How to set Hindi for Google Assistant?

By : CIOL Writers 1

Google Assistant has learnt a new language- Hindi, making it all the more useful for people who prefer native Hindi to English. Google has officially announced Hindi support for its voice-based Google Assistant on Android phones running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above. It

Apple iPad finally gets Google Assistant

By : CIOL Writers

Almost a year after launching Google Assitant for iPhones, the search engine giant is bringing the voice assistant for iPads. The Assistant on iPad can do everything the Assistant on your iPhone can do, with the added benefit of a bigger

Google Assistant can now read you your favorite book

By : CIOL Writers

Looking at the increasing inclination towards the use of voice commands and personal digital assistants, Google today announced the launch of audiobooks on the Google Play store in India. Users can now experience their favorite literature read out to them by instructing Google

LG debuts smart speaker ThinQ with Google Assistant

By : CIOL Writers

LG has introduced a new smart speaker- ThinQ powered by Google Assistant. The smart speaker is being touted as LG’s “first premium smart AI audio product” that doubles up as a nifty smart home hub. The LG ThinQ Speaker is powered by Google

Google Assistant is now available on older Android phones and tablets

By : CIOL Writers

Google Assistant, Google’s personal assistant is available on many recent phones and tablets for a while now. However, now Google is making the Google Assistant available on Android mobile phones running on Android Lolipop and tablets running on Android Nougat.

Ikea’s smart light bulbs will now take commands from Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

By : CIOL Writers

Remote-control or app-control lightning will soon be a thing of past as Ikea’s new smart light bulbs will now take voice commands from the likes of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Powered by Digital Assistants Announcing the new line of