[Funding] VAaaS startup Slang Labs raises funds from Google Assistant Investment and others

Laxitha Mundhra
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Slang Labs, a Voice Assistant as a Service (VAaaS) startup, has announced an investment from the Google Assistant Investments program. The round also saw participation from 100x Entrepreneurs, Velu Murugan, Thomas George and their existing investor Endiya Partners. With this announcement, Slang Labs becomes one of the first players in the In-App Voice Assistant space globally to be backed by Google.


Founder Kumar Rangajan stated that the company will use the funding to “scale operations and sales and marketing efforts”. He also stated that the investment from Google signified how important is the trend of 'Voice'. “Voice is for this decade, what mobile apps were for the last decade,” he added. “ the most disruptive and democratizing technology trend that enables millions of businesses and billions of people to transact better online and across multiple domains. We have seen an increase in demand for this technology during the pandemic and will continue innovating for a better consumer interface experience,” he concluded.

Slang In-App Voice Assistant is the flagship product of Slang Labs

The company, in a statement, said that In-App Voice Assistant is a promising touchpoint for e-commerce and other interactions online. Through this technology, consumers will be able to do online transactions in their apps through the power of their voice, and in their preferred language. The flagship product of Slang Labs, in line with the idea, helps enterprises make their apps faster, easier and more accessible.


App makers can embed the multilingual In-App Voice Assistant as a multimodal overlay; thus, allowing its users to transact with the app by just talking to it. It allows users to interact with the visuals of the app directly. More importantly, users can interact with it in their own language, even if the app’s visual language is English.

About Google Assistant Investment Program

The Google Assistant Investment Program launched in 2018. It supports early-stage companies that are moving the voice and assistance ecosystem forward across a diverse range of fields. The program provides access to Google engineers, product managers, and design experts to share technical guidance and product development feedback. It also provides features and tools so startups can bring their product to market as quickly as possible.

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