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Diwali Gift Ideas: 50+ Gadgets to Choose

By : Ashok Pandey

Its Diwali, and you haven’t yet decided which gift to buy for your loved ones? This era is all about gadgets, and if you are looking for a perfect Deepawali gift, then this is the right place. we have evaluated

5 useful gadgets for women safety

By : CIOL Writers 1

Almost every single day, women from all walks of life are assaulted, molested and violated openly. The streets and public places have become unsafe places for women. While some women weep down in silence and disdain, others try to fight

Best fitness and body building gadgets

By : CIOL Writers

With the modernisation of the world, new technological advancements for athletes help them maintain their composure when they’re playing for their particular sport. Here are three gadgets that caught our eyes because of their efficiency and workability in the field