5 useful gadgets for women safety

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Tech companies have launched many great gadgets for women safety

Almost every single day, women from all walks of life are assaulted, molested and violated openly. The streets and public places have become unsafe places for women. While some women weep down in silence and disdain, others try to fight their way to a normal life with dignity.


A few tech companies have taken on the responsibility of finding a way to expand on existing tools for personal safety. Helping women find the help they need more quickly—or simply giving them a tool to disorient a possible attacker—can make a huge difference. These products prove that personal safety can benefit from technology when the two come together in innovative ways. Some of the products are-

1. Safelet:

Safelet devices are here!


Safelet was designed with speed and convenience in mind. The bracelet has two buttons on the side that users can press to send a message to contact a Guardian Network. If the situation is one of high danger, friends and family members who see the alert, can automatically call an emergency number like 911 from within the app. The smart bracelet also syncs with the user’s mobile phone to start recording audio.

2. Stiletto Charms:

Stiletto Charms protects you in an emergency


Stiletto Charms mimic the aesthetics of modern jewelry. They can complement virtually any outfit but secretly manage a variety of functionalities. Using the Stiletto mobile app, users can create an emergency profile, set up emergency contacts, plan a route and check the device’s battery level. Besides contacting friends and family members, Stiletto Charms can also reach 911 dispatches in the US—and they even have a voice-assisted alert system to communicate when the user might not be able to speak.

3. Geko Smart Whistle:

Geko Smart Whistle connects you to your loved ones with a simple whistle


Assistance from a loved one is now just a whistle away with the world’s first Smart Whistle. Fashioned with GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology, this monumental tool can alert your loved ones instantly when you are in need. First, download the WISO app on your smartphone device and pair it to your own unique Smart Whistle. On the app, select the contacts whom you wish to notify when you need assistance and the set-up is complete.

To activate your SOS alerts, blow on the mouthpiece or press on your Smart Whistle’s button for two seconds. This will automatically call (Android only), text, and email your previously selected contacts. The texts and emails will contain an SOS message, along with a map containing your current location, which will be continuously updated every two to three minutes until the alert is deactivated. After deactivating the SOS alert, your contacts will receive another message informing your safety.

4. Revolar:


Revolar is a great tool that sends an SOS alert to your contacts

Revolar almost looks like a small garage clicker. Oval-shaped and measuring less than two inches, it easily clips onto a jeans pocket or sports bra. An alternate case lets users easily attach it to a set of keys. When pressed twice, Revolar sends a ‘yellow alert’ to designated contacts; they receive a text message with the user’s location and a message saying the user feels unsafe. A triple-press sends a ‘red alert’ which indicates the user is in need of serious help. Revolar requires no extra app download—just the appropriate contact information.

5. Athena:

Athena activates a loud alarm when user presses a button

Roar for Good created its first product, Athena to create a simple way for women to get help. Athena activates a loud alarm when users press a button. The device then sends an alert with the location of the user to contacts who can help. The device can be attached to a purse or even worn as a necklace (a recessed button avoids any accidental alarms). Users can also set the device to silent mode so that Athena still sends information to contacts without making a sound.