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What happens to the Indian Tech sector post the US Presidential Elections?

By : Laxitha Mundhra 1

Irrespective of the outcome of Tuesday’s US Presidential Elections, America’s strategic relationship with India will maintain the current momentum. Infact, it will strengthen further, as the policy documents and remarks from the two campaigns indicate. While Trump claims to be

US Prez Trump asks for a chunk of TikTok US Sale; calls it a hot brand

By : CIOL Bureau

Microsoft and TikTok-US are in a negotiation deal over the country’s growing security reviews. The deal was possible as the US fears user data transfer to the Chinese Communist Government. To stop that from happening, TikTok has to close this

US Company over Chinese Communist party: Microsoft in talks to buy TikTok US for security review

By : CIOL Bureau

The controversy has been going on for days now. US President Donald Trump has his issues about the ByteDabce operated TikTok app. The app supposedly collects user data and sells it to the Chinese Communist Party. Thus, following a conversation

Broadcom withdraws Qualcomm takeover bid after Trump’s order

By : CIOL Writers

Finally, Broadcom has decided to withdraw its takeover bid for Qualcomm after POTUS blocked the deal for security reasons. Trump issued an order where he stated that there is credible evidence that if Broadcom takes over Qualcomm, the company “might

Donald Trump’s Twitter account deactivated by departing employee

By : CIOL Writers

President of the US Donald Trump‘s personal Twitter account(@realDonaldTrump) was deactivated for a period of 11 minutes last night. Trump’s account disappeared at around 7 pm ET Thursday when visitors to the page were met with the message, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” Earlier

President Trump and Secretary E.Chao announce Drone Integration Pilot program

By : CIOL Writers

Drones are getting a massive thumbs up from the POTUS Donald Trump. President Trump and Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao announced the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program- an initiative aimed at exploring expanded use of drones. Secretary Chao said in

Twitter users sue Donald Trump for blocking them

By : CIOL Writers

A group of Twitter users have sued Donald Trump and two White House communication aides for violating their constitutional rights by blocking them from Trump’s personal Twitter account after they criticized the President. The case brought forward by the Knight

Trump government might delay and kill the startup visa

By : CIOL Writers

We already know about Donald Trump’s aversion to foreign companies and foreign nationals. So, after the fiasco of H-1B visa, the Trump administration is now reportedly planning to delay International Entrepreneur Rule, widely regarded as the US version of a startup visa.

Trump’ administrations approves social media checks for Visa seekers

By : CIOL Writers

Do you remember we told you that social media posts could decide if you get US visa or not? Well, this is the reality for everyone who wants to come to the US. Despite criticism from a range of education officials and

Twitter trolls Trump’s verbal diarrhoea ‘Covfefe’

By : CIOL Writers

Everything was under control until the President of the United States, Donald Trump, decided to post one midnight-tweet. *Boom*. Since then Trump’s cryptic and mysterious tweet has left every single person on Twitter just frenzied. The tweet which was retweeted

More than 160 tech companies file brief against Donald Trump’s latest immigration ban

By : CIOL Writers

Its 162 tech firms against Donald Trump. Tech titans like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Snap and 150 other tech companies have filed an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit challenging the revised immigration order issued in March. The

From Schwarzenegger to Trump: IT stays a Thriller

Pratima H INDIA: When the world of technology resembles a Cheyenne Mountain, you can’t blame it

Intel announces $7bn investment in Arizona factory in support of Trump’s policies

By : CIOL Writers

Intel will be investing $7 billion to finish a factory in Arizona, adding 3,000 jobs in

Apple, Facebook and 95 other companies file opposition to Trump’s immigration ban

By : CIOL Writers

Some of the top tech companies including names like Apple, Facebook, Twitter, MicrosoftMicrosoft and others have

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick leaves Trump’s business advisory council

By : CIOL Writers

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has quit Donald Trump’s economic advisory group, as first reported by Recode.

Facebook changes feed to push real news over fake and sensational

By : CIOL Writers

Looks like Facebook is finally making some concerted efforts at fighting fake and sensational news. The

Tech industry is jointly rallying against Trump’s immigration ban

By : CIOL Writers

The protestors rallying against US President Donald Trump’s Immigration ban outside the airport, roads and borders,

Now Facebook posts decide your entrance to the US

By : CIOL Writers

What will be your reaction if you are detained at an airport or borders and not

Narendra Modi becomes the most followed world leader on social media

By : CIOL Writers

When the United States 44th President Barack Obama ceded the presidency role to new President-elect Donald

Top 10 social media highs of 2016

By : CIOL Writers

From Pokemon Go to Reliance Jio to Demonetization, social media had a lot to discuss, debate