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Under Lockdown? How to Ace a Remote Interview / Online Interview for a Work From Home gig

By : Laxitha Mundhra

Billions of people are under lockdown. Work-from-home is on the boom. While the majority of the companies are laying off people, big companies cannot let go of the hiring process. Microsoft, Amazon, and various tech companies are looking to build

COVID-19: Can a tool help to track outbreaks?

By : Ashok Pandey

From the year 1918 influenza pandemic to the modern-day virus COVID-19, the movement of people has helped disease travel quickly around the world. But in the age of technological advancements, we do have tools that can help to track outbreaks.

5 ways how pharma companies are using data analytics

By : CIOL Bureau

The global pharmaceutical companies market has been growing at a rate of 5.8% since 2017 and by 2021, it should reach a size of $1,170 billion. Much of this growth has relied on empirical data, which has presented significant challenges

The new-age Digital Marketing challenges and role of AI

By : Ashok Pandey

Digital marketing with the power of AI is influencing our decisions. You might have experienced, but never noticed. You searched for one product or service and started getting different ads, related to the same. This is done by collecting the

COVID-19: Keys to Embracing (and Securing) a Remote Workforce

By : CIOL Bureau

Michael Sentonas, Global CTO of CrowdStrike, talks about Cybersecurity in the time of Coronavirus and things that can help the remote worker. The declaration of a global pandemic by the World Health Organization underscores what we are all coming to

Ergonomics : The new mantra for the modern tech office

By : CIOL Bureau

The INTERNET OF THINGS, smaller and faster notebooks, and sweeping changes to corporate IT policies all point to one universal truth: the OFFICE OF THE FUTURE is here. The problem is that most workspaces are stuck in the past. It

Facial Recognition: The Era of Personalization

By : CIOL Bureau

Facial recognition is technology based on the usage of artificial intelligence to recognize human faces. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked-about buzz in the market these days. The technology has created its space in many use cases, especially

Payroll Outsourcing: From Enabler to Enhancer

By : CIOL Bureau

Payroll outsourcing has surfaced as a critical business requirement for the global Human Resource Outsourcing Industry (HRO). Outsourcing end to end payroll operations is being positively viewed by businesses to cut operational costs, channel resources into more productive operations and

Chatbots for making hiring faster and smarter in future

By : CIOL Bureau

After taking the retail and banking by storm, the cognitive technologies are all set to change the face of staffing industry revamping the traditional or outdated hiring and recruiting practices. In IBM’s 2017 survey, nearly 66% of CEOs said that

Voice search advertising: Tapping the next billion globally

By : CIOL Bureau

What’s the big deal about voice search? As we start in 2020, we begin to ask what’s next! In many ways, 2019 was about the evolution of voice and the ecosystem around it. Today, Voice search is here and it’s

6 ways how technology is changing healthcare

By : CIOL Bureau

Technology, without a doubt, has been a key enabler of growth for different sectors/industries globally; it has certainly changed the entire landscape of the Indian healthcare industry. Advancements in technological developments over the past few years have led to incredible

How artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionising eCommerce experience?

By : CIOL Bureau

Technology has drastically transformed our purchase experience. We’ve come a long way from walking into a store, strolling down the aisles, reading the labels, picking out a product and paying at the counter to visiting a website or app, searching

Trends of Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market in 2020

By : CIOL Bureau

2019 has been as remarkable for the CDN market as it can get. In India, the figure of monthly active internet users crossed the mark of 451 million as early as March. To give you a picture, the total population

5 innovative ways HR tech is changing the traditional workplace

By : CIOL Bureau

According to the TimesJobs survey, 35 per cent HR leaders feel that HR technology has been streamlining the recruitment processes, 48 per cent say many organizations are using HR tech to hire middle-level professionals and 59 per cent said that

Digital marketing: Next stride for tech leaders

By : CIOL Bureau

Time had never been as precious before. We are living in the times when seconds hold the value of days and the tactics for what society says, moving along with time, have changed. There has been a rapid evolution in

Are banks future-ready yet?

By : CIOL Bureau

The demand for skills in sectors like banking and finance is evolving in response to the impact of digital transformation. Banking industry employs highly skilled people with specialized education qualification for most of its functions. However, over the last few

Multi-Cloud Era – So Who Wants a Mixed-Tape?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Saying Microsoft and Salesforce, or Azure and Dell, in the same breath was not just impossible but almost blasphemous a few years back. Or for that matter any two names that were vying for the same market. Today, we have

Smart City in the Year 2020: The Biggest Challenges

By : Ashok Pandey 3

Various cities of India are working towards better, more efficient, secure and connected infrastructure. Some key measures towards a sustainable future are being implemented, be it smart cities, online banking, eCommerce and so on. India has been doing a lot

Importance of AI in making lending easier and profitable

By : CIOL Bureau

Over the year, evolution in global technologies has made people move forward from fixed phones to mobile phones. Today, every sector is readily and rapidly adapting the Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the fast-paced modern industries, AI is becoming an integral

Expected Immediate Changes in the Education Sector in 2020

By : CIOL Bureau

The educational landscape is evolving rapidly with technology gripping it in an unprecedented fashion. Technology is personalising the learning experience to match the needs of every student. In the 21st century, we cannot imagine a scenario where education and technology