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Upcoming IT Skills in demand in the European and US market

By : CIOL Bureau

The future of European and the US job markets will revolve around technology and finance as the maximum employment opportunities to graduate and postgraduate candidates will come from these two areas. It is expected that by 2030, around 66,000 new

AI, A boon or curse for IT jobs in India

By : CIOL Bureau 2

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not the Adversary for the Indian Job Market if it’s not a Messiah. The ubiquitous technology is reshaping almost every industry today, be it IT, education, defense, engineering, healthcare, retail, or even entertainment. AI is the

Three blockchain use cases that will accelerate Industry 4.0 journey for manufacturers

By : CIOL Bureau

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution which has seen the proliferation of next-generation technologies such as industrial internet of things (IIoT), predictive analytics and smart automation, traditional manufacturers are faced with a daunting choice – to become digitally

5 reasons you should learn Machine Learning

By : CIOL Bureau

Today, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have integrated into our lives in such a way that it is impossible to imagine a world without them. Think about the smart virtual assistants (Siri and Alexa), the recommendation

How Conversational AI is Disrupting BPO’s Voice Business

By : CIOL Bureau

Just recently, I called my cell phone provider for resolving a data connectivity problem. I had already called thrice in the past one week but to no avail. Every time I could tell from the agent’s voice and accent that

How technology is changing the trading?

By : CIOL Bureau

Trading in the financial markets have come a long way over the past few decades. From the pit trading where traders used to outbid each other vocally, to the new age exchanges today that has machines competing with other machines,

How Artificial Intelligence driven chatbots enhance customer support?

By : CIOL Bureau

If you have placed orders online for food or any other item (who hasn’t these days) and if you had a query regarding your order or if you faced a glitch and opted to seek resolution for your problem through

Crowdsourcing and changing Recruitment

By : CIOL Bureau

The latest development in recruitment is the crowdsourcing that is leading to better connections between employers, recruiters and professionals. It is the term used to define the process of recruiting by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, especially

How Virtual Employees are better than Offshore Freelancers?

By : CIOL Bureau

Technology has prompted the utilization of resources that are unconventional but effective in the modern business model. Every entrepreneur has a goal to recruit the best fit at the lowest cost. The staffing solutions are designed today as a collaborative

AR (Augmented Reality): Trends and Future Developments 2020

By : CIOL Bureau 1

Just as mobile devices have changed how people live and work over the past 12 years, so too will AR (augmented reality) in the not too distant future. The AR market was estimated to be $3.5 billion in 2017, nearly

Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining the Face of E-Commerce Marketing

By : CIOL Bureau

Have you ever wondered how the digital ads displayed on your social media accounts manage to match your key interests as well as past searches for items on e-retail platforms? Well, this is because an intelligent machine is using your

How is predictive analytics used in healthcare?

By : Ashok Pandey

Artificial Intelligence is being implemented in various industries including manufacturing, healthcare etc. Presently India has 1 doctor per 1000 people and by 2023 we are looking at a shortage of up to 600,000 doctors. AI seems to be the only

What will be the future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?

By : CIOL Bureau

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and healthcare are two industries that are currently ruling at the forefront of their most innovative phases. With AI taking technological development by storm and the healthcare industry booming with the newest discoveries, it is only time

What makes AI and ML a lucrative career choice in today’s competitive professional realm?

By : CIOL Bureau

Today’s world is in the midst of a digital revolution, which is impacting business operations and functions across industries. With the advent of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and (ML), this transition has been fast-tracked for many, and

Decoding hyper-personalisation at workplace through new-age chatbots

By : CIOL Bureau

There was a time when employees would have to wait for a simple answer to their query on, say, something as simple as their leave balance or details on different company policies. With collaboration tools gaining ground, those days are

Is Artificial intelligence the future of Marketing?

By : CIOL Bureau 2

If we look around, Artificial Intelligence is slowly leaving significant footprints in various sectors and easing the job of humans at multiple fronts. Today, the human workload has reduced remarkably with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. AI deals with creating

Workforce 2020: It is all about the Employee Experience

By : CIOL Bureau

Being a well-established brand is no longer a strong enough value proposition. The inescapable shift we will see by 2020, which is already in progress, is the demand on companies to rethink organizational culture and redefine the workplace. The global

6 Impacts of AI in Sports Industry

By : CIOL Bureau

If technology is the change maker, Artificial Intelligence is its flag-bearer. From businesses and jobs to education, AI has left its imprint everywhere. Sports, one of humanity’s oldest forms of organized play, won’t go untouched. On the global level, big

10 Artificial Intelligence Applications that will change the future

By : Sunil Rajguru

  Artificial Intelligence has already entered your life and Algorithms decide what your social media feed looks like and who should drive you home and by what route. Siri and Alexa have become commonplace and people already interact with chatbots

Top 5 trends in data-driven drug discovery

By : CIOL Bureau

The shift from our one-size-fits-all approach to patient care is being upended rapidly by precision medicine. Data is paving the way for the future of data-driven drug discovery and patient care. The time for integrated biological data is Now! Even