How can flexible office spaces help amid COVID-19?

Now, here 'Workspace Recovery Plan' comes into picture so that your business stays consistent with robust 'Business Continuity Plan' amid COVID-19

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How can flexible office spaces help amid COVID-19?

Nobody can predict the future since COVID-19 and the one who plans head is the last one standing. If someone fails to plan, certainly they somehow fail even without an iota of knowledge.


These heavy words containing the gravity of 'Show Must Go On' force us to think about how to ensure things keep going and moving forward in the right direction even when something unprecedented happens with us, especially when we are running a business.

So, how to be sure that businesses will not be impacted even under highly negative circumstances like the Covid-19 pandemic, cyber-crime or internet related attack, fire tragedy, natural calamities like flood, earthquake, cyclonic storm, typhoon, hurricane, et al? Now, here 'Workspace Recovery Plan' comes into picture so that your business stays consistent with robust 'Business Continuity Plan'.

Any unprecedented and unexpected incidents may leave your business with an irreparable loss. Hence, it is better to be ready and geared up for Business Continuity Plan to ensure that the damage is minimum when unforeseen occurrences befall.


Today, when we talk about Business Continuity Plan, one of the most talked about terms that come first to our mind is Flexible Office Spaces or flex space or plug and play offices.

Flexible work arrangements give a lot of boosts to dynamic environments as they have everything like traditional offices but arranged in a highly versatile way.

When office space is guaranteed in any case of uncertain future or unprecedented incidents, people running businesses can be at complete peace of mind about an alternative place that is always available and designed to fit your requirements.


Under most of the flexible office spaces arrangement, you get an office building that is already up and running with trained and professional staff. Businesses get all the basic amenities and facilities required to run your business smoothly.

Under the concept of Flexible Office Spaces, the process of workspace recovery is quick and easy to set up - which means the transition from one space to another will be far smoother than business owners think.

Why workplace recovery solution is the next big thing?


Workplace Recovery Solution protects your business from the impact of unexpected incidents and in times of crisis. Workplace Recovery Solution ensures that businesses run as usual with minimum impact of the negative incidents.

Workplace flexibility: Flexible workspaces have immense benefits attached to them. Basically, office space flexibility is all about adding dynamism to your workplace. Flexible office spaces as workplace recovery plans are a big responsive support to ensure business continuity.

Flexible office spaces give your business everything they need to keep your business running in context with workplace recovery solutions.


Workplace recovery plans offer you a sense of security to recover from the loss and sustain all kinds of disruption and eventually keep the business running even in times of major crisis and unexpected events.

Work-life balance: In this era of work-life balance amid the Covid-19 pandemic hitting economies and disturbing lives across the world, the flexible workplace concept has gained immense importance.

Not only flexible office spaces offer the workplace recovery solution, it enhances productivity, acts as a motivation booster, and encourages innovation amongst employees.


Moreover, workplace recovery solution is important because disasters happen more often than we think. And, according to a report, 40-60% of small businesses do not reopen following a disaster. Flexible office spaces allow businesses to recover securely, and that's why the concept is gaining importance at a very rapid pace.

Flexible workspace: According to a survey, a flexible workspace has the potential to offer the right answer for many companies that are facing an uncertain future amid the pandemic.

The current pandemic will drive further growth to the flexible workspace sector due to increased flexibility, reduced capital investment, and an enhanced customer experience.

Flexible work spaces allow your business to flourish as truly flexible workplaces provide the versatility and dynamism sought by employees and employers.

This article has been written by Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta India