Facebook's AI assistant 'M' now helps with GIF recommendations and quick replies

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Facebook Messenger's AI assistant 'M' is getting new capabilities to respond to your messages. The social networking giant announced three new automatic suggestions for M including sharing GIFs, buying movie tickets, and sending quick text responses.


The assistant will suggest sharing animated GIFs pegged to certain common expressions like Thank You along with a series of Quick Replies ("yes," "no," "I think so") anytime someone is asked a relatively simple question.

The new GIFs suggestions can appear in 1:1 or group chat. Each time a person uses a common phrase like “I love you” or “Good morning,” M may suggest sending a GIF in response. GIF picker can search for results related to the phrase, or you can choose to conduct your own search.

Messenger's M helps you to share GIF's and buy movie tickets


Meanwhile, Messenger has partnered with movie ticketing service Fandango on a feature that suggests users movie showtimes and theatres whenever they are having any movie related conversation. It also provides an option to buy movie tickets directly from the Messenger app.

Messenger's M helps to share GIF's and buy movie tickets

If you feel the Messenger's virtual assistant M is annoying, then it can be shut off in the Messenger Settings. For now, these features are rolling out only for the people in the US.

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