Facebook Messenger Platform 2.1 brings new tools to enhance conversations

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Facebook launched Messenger Platform 2.1, which includes new and improved features that allow businesses to develop new ways to connect with their customers and enrich their conversational experiences on Messenger. It has features like built-in natural language processing, a payments SDK, and a global beta that makes it easier to switch between automated bots and the humans behind 70 million businesses on Facebook.

Messenger Platform 2.1 release offers:

Built-in NLP to enhance automated conversations: This is a simple way for developers to incorporate NLP into their bots. When Built-in NLP is enabled it automatically detects meaning and information in the text of messages that a user sends before it gets passed to the bot. This first version can detect the following entities: hello, bye, thanks, date & time, location, the amount of money, phone number, email and a URL.

Handover protocol to enable cross app collaboration within a single Messenger experience: The handover protocol enables businesses to create multiple experiences within a single bot – for example, a business can use this to move seamlessly from an automated (bot) to a one-to-one (human) conversation. This allows customers to obtain quick answers to common questions through automation, and then receive more personalized customer support from live agents. Handover protocol makes it possible for multiple service providers to power a single Messenger experience. As part of Platform 2.1, handover protocol is now available globally as an open beta.

Seamless payments flow: Messenger Platform 2.1 makes payments easier to setup and more seamless for people to check out. Now, customers can pay using a one step process through Messenger web view. Payments on Messenger is still in beta and available in the US only.

Expanded set of Facebook Page buttons for Messenger: In addition to the currently available “Send Message” CTA, businesses, and developers can select from the following options: Shop Now, Get Support, Get Updates, Play Now and Get Started. These descriptive CTA options let people know what to expect when they start a conversation with a business.

Desktop support for Extensions SDK: This new feature will extend functionality across mobile and web, creating a consistent experience across devices. Now, features like user ID and sharing that used to only be accessible on mobile will be available on desktop as well. This also provides developers with an easier way to test and debug when implementing web view and chat extensions.

For more details on Messenger Platform 2.1 view the full changelog for this update and documentation for the Messenger Platform.

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