C-CHANGE 2017: Taking the guess work out of VDI

By : CIOL Writers

Santosh Pandey, Director GM, Dell Cloud Client Computing As the need arises to go small and do big out of technology, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) can play a crucial role in curtailing cost and saving time. The changing digital era

How to Become a Lean Entrepreneurial Enterprise

By : CIOL Bureau

Today’s hyper-creative marketplace is insistent and uncompromising. Organizations must have an institutional capability for repeated original innovation and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing opportunities. This is a challenge with no easy answers, but it is a journey well

Roundtable for IT leader on riding the Digital Juggernaut

By : Sidharth Shekhar

Speaking at the 13th Annual CIOL C-Change award roundtable Jayesh Ghatge, Market Partner, ThoughtWorks India, highlighted the five pillars for digital growth: Economy, Social, Tech, Institutions and Environment.    Tech mega trends 3D printing is going to be big and

Optimization of IT Landscape with Lower Risk

By : Nijhum Rudra

A recent research by Micro Focus revealed that four decades of technology innovation has delivered incredible returns, but at the cost of huge level of complexity. Customers are facing constant change driven by the demands of the business and their

Discovery Workshop for Digital Enterprise

By : Nijhum Rudra

Digital technology is a theme of a deep broad and sustained research initiative. “It is about building a digital enterprise, enterprise digital tracker. Digital as enterprise priority is on the rise,” says KD Singh, Founder and CEO- CoesAge. The digital

Key Drivers of Digital Transformation

By : Nijhum Rudra

“Keep innovating and think differently from your competitors,” begins Murali Bukkapatnam, CEO, GetDomestic Help. He explained about the various molds, procedures and structures of successful digital technology transformation. Breaking traditional molds- How digitally led organization operate, Digital economy- As technology

Storm the Norm- Changing the Methods of Cultural Innovation

By : Nijhum Rudra

“To change the business ecosystem you no need to change the entire ecosystem,” begins Ranjan Malik, Innovation Specialist. Nowadays, the whole world needs innovation, but then the question crop is that how are these organizations making innovation by innovative design?

Key ingredients for a successful digital transformation

By : Sidharth Shekhar

In the year 1900 Lord Kelvin said that there is nothing new to be discovered in physics now, All that remains is more and more precise measurement. Later Max Plank and Albert Einstein shaped the 21st century and redefined physics.

What Organizations Should Do to Thrive in the Digital Economy

CIOL’s annual CIO leadership forum kicked off in Hyderabad with inspiring sessions by industry leaders, innovation gurus, and entrepreneurs, each giving a different perspective on how organizations should go digital. Here’s a summary of insights gained. By Anil Chopra C-Change

Thriving in the New Digitally Competitive Age

By : Sidharth Shekhar

The velocity of technology has changed rapidly. The world is more volatile, complex and ambiguous thanks to technology. It is unlocking a number of opportunities for companies and digital transformation is the key to success. Delivering his keynote presentation at

BI with a rinse button

Pratima H INDIA: THERE is nothing too radical about the term BI in IT industry, at

This tech monitors Indian highways innovatively

By : Sanghamitra Kar

BANGALORE, INDIA: Building assets is easy, but maintaining it needs efforts, dedication. And inevitably technology can

Vodafone shows how to win and serve a customer

By : Sanghamitra Kar

BANGALORE, INDIA: “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense”

CN RAM: A living legend

By : Sonal Desai

MUMBAI, INDIA: CN Ram, who was awarded the Lifetime achievement award at the recently concluded C-Change

Manoranjan Kumar brings business innovation with Information Technology

By : Rashi V

Manoranjan Kumar, CIO of Shree Cement is renowned for his track record of marking business innovation

Creating magic in the power sector

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: Anyone who has passionately devoured, or alternatively, just overheard a huddle of Potter-philes; would not

G Radhakrishna Pillai, an ace in solving business problems with Information Technology

By : Rashi V

With more than 25 years of technical and managerial experience, G Radhakrishna Pillai, CIO, SRL Limited

No Escape Plans when it comes to security at Amity Campus

By : Pratima Harigunani

GURGAON, INDIA: Ray Breslin may be a man determined and gifted at breaking the most ruthless

Does bimodal IT indicate the end of traditional IT?

By : Anil Chopra

NEW DELHI, INDIA: At a recently held conference, Gartner India’s chief, Partha Iyengar highlighted that the

The future of IT is bimodal: Gartner

By : Anil Chopra

NEW DELHI, INDIA: On one side, IT is not able to respond fast enough to growing