How to Become a Lean Entrepreneurial Enterprise

The world demands repeated innovation that matters in the marketplace, which which enterprises must become lean and entrepreneurial

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Today’s hyper-creative marketplace is insistent and uncompromising. Organizations must have an institutional capability for repeated original innovation and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing opportunities. This is a challenge with no easy answers, but it is a journey well worth the effort.


To transform into a more Entrepreneurial, lean enterprise that creates original market value as its repeatable core competency, is genuinely difficult, but it can be done.

According to Dan McClure, Innovation Design Lead at ThoughtWorks, "Rapid advances in technology, a growing global creative workforce, and a market with fewer and fewer barriers to entry are driving a hyper-creative marketplace. New ideas make established business positions obsolete with disturbing frequency. Products and services that do survive are exposed to commodifying price pressure".

According to him, this world demands the ability to repeatedly develop innovations that uniquely matter in the marketplace. Not all organizations are prepared to put this level of innovation. Only those who transform into entrepreneurial enterprises will be able to recognize the market shift and bring innovations to scale as part of their core business operation.


While technology certainly plays a key role in this transformation, the capabilities of an enterprise can't be limited to the IT department. The transformation must span the entire enterprise, according to Dan.

How does an organization transform itself into an entrepreneurial enterprise. Dan says there are three ways to wrestle out of the complexities associated with this task--embrace the big scary picture, lay a foundation with islands of change, and take thin slices that keep all take all parts of a feedback loop. Once you can do all this, then you'll be able to scale out the change.

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