WWDC 2020: 10 major announcements that happened on June 22 and 23

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Apple hosted the WWDC 2020 at the McEnery Convention Center in California as always. But due to the pandemic, it was a virtual event. Normally, Apple charges almost 1600 dollars (1.2 lakh rupees approx.) for the event. But this year, it was free to stream for engineers, developers all over the world.

So what happened at WWDC 2020?

1. Apple announces iOS 14, iPadOS 14

The WWDC 2020 event brought the new iOS14 and iPadOS14. The new versions will bring more features than its previous counterparts and make the Apple line more user friendly. Read More about iOS 14 here and iPadOS here.

2. The new chips that will power Mac are not ARM!

The Apple chips that will power future Mac devices are APPLE SILICON. This was the biggest announcement at WWDC 2020.

This is big, given that Mac devices will no longer rely on Intel processors. But this was coming, as Apple makes chips for almost all its products from the iPhone and iPad to the Apple Watch.

Apple claims its processors will give more performance at lower power. This is the problem all chipmakers have been trying to solve for long. So, there will be a family of SoCs for the Macs, which will fuse better with Apple’s software that will take these devices to a different level of synergy. While you will see some Macs now come with Apple’s chipsets, there will be some Intel Macs too.

3. Voice dictation with Siri

Apple says Siri is now smarter than ever before, particularly in terms of her text-to-speech feature. She’ll now be able to open Apps that you want, send voice messages, and also take down what you say via her dictation feature.

4. WhatsApp and GBoard like features on Messages

There are about three updates to Apple’s Messages- in-line replies, custom Memojis and easy group chat.

5. Apple Maps beating the competition with Google Maps

Apple may not be the best, but it has come a long way with these features. There’s a new Cycling feature, and feature for electric cars, such as being able to find the nearest charging points do give it an edge in California at least.

6. The Shaka Laka Boom Boom Apple Pencil

Apple’s Smart Pencil is incredibly “smart”, but now it seems to have a mind of its own. Now, whatever you scribble will take real shapes with lines and angles like that of a professional artist. It will also convert your scribbling into text notes. So, it satisfies your need to take notes virtually as well as being artistic.


7. Apple AirPods and WatchOS7

WatchOS7 add more customisation options now. You will be able to share watch faces, make it easier for others to enjoy customisation you think is perfect. And it will also have Bollywood music to make you groove or workout since it counts the calories you burn. Then there is the feature of sleep tracking. The Wind Down feature lets you slip into sleep more easily, and once you are asleep the watch will be able to give data on how well you slept.

Next up, it will also track how many times you have washed your hand and if you have washed it for one whole minute. As for AirPods, if you have them on, you can now switch sources as you switch your Apple devices. And they also now come with a surround sound feature for that theatre experience.

Also, with the new AirPods, the operating system will predict when to stop charging them automatically. Instead of charging to 100%, the AirPods will stop charging at 80%. This will prevent the AirPods from sitting at 100% over an extended period. So, this feature can extend the battery’s life by minimising topping off.

8. The new macOS- Big Sur

Big Sur is named after highlands in central California, as in the feature will now we be centre of all product developments. It will be a mix of new features but a lot what is seen in iOS and iPadOS, with widgets and layers. The dock has become more transparent, and there is a toolbar that makes access to features easier. There is also an iPhone-like control centre, to enhance the user experience with touch.

Also, it has good news for Safari users. The additions of extensions plug will now be used only with those sites users specify. Also, the password manager will alert you when your login has been compromised. It has more privacy, which will give you a security certificate.

9. Microsoft Windows tiling is back

This WWDC 2020, brought back the beloved Microsoft tilings through iOS14! The tech giant has overhauled its iOS 14 home screen to enable lively widgets for apps on the home screen. You can pin widgets to your home screen alongside other apps. Add customised widgets, images, important apps, clock, weather forecast, everything just like you would on your Windows phone.

10. Apple Translate now available in 11 languages!

Google’s competitor might not be first in the league for translation, but it is inching closer. The Translate app comes preloaded with the iOS 14. It supports languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The app also works in landscape mode on eligible iPhones. Not just that, its side-by-side user interface enables two people to have a conversation in different languages. Users can also save translations in the Favorites tab.

That was all till yesterday, let us know what do you expect for today and which is your favourite addition to the Apple World.


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