Udacity announces Nanodegree- a program for flying cars

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Udacity launches Nanodegree- a program for flying cars

Online education company Udacity has opened applications for the Flying Car Nanodegree Program. The program aims to move beyond remote-controlled drones to autonomous or self-flying ones. People interested in the program can apply until February 7, 2018.


The program will include two 12 week terms- first is on Aerial robotics and second is on Intelligent Air Systems. The 12-week course will prepare students jobs such as Unmanned Aircraft Software Engineer, Guidance Navigation and Controls Engineer, Aerial Roboticist, Software and Controls Engineer, and Autonomous Systems Engineer.

Ishan Gupta, Managing Director (India), Udacity said, “The Flying Car Nanodegree Program will empower students to translate concepts of drone technology from the classroom to simulation and ultimately build their own self-flying drones. Flying Cars will find application in the aerospace, transportation, technology, and defense industries, and this course will help create the aerial roboticists and autonomous systems engineers that will shape this technology and how people travel in the future.”

The course instructors for the program include Sebastian Thrun himself, who also has a startup dedicated to making personal aerial vehicles a reality (Kitty Hawk); as well as University of Toronto aerial robotics Professor Angela Schoellig; Kiva Systems founder and ETH Zurich Professor Raffaello D’Andrea; and MIT Professor and Google Project Wing founder Nicholas Roy.