Udacity announces two new nano degrees & a plethora of new hiring partners

CIOL Writers
New Update

Online education platform, Udacity has announced two new nano degree programs, which include programs for robotics and digital marketing along with a plethora of new hiring partners.


The announcements were made at the inaugural Udacity Intersect conference.

For Robotics, students need to have prior knowledge of fields like calculus, linear algebra, stats, basic physics, Python and computer algorithms, whereas, for digital marketing, no such prior knowledge is required.


You can apply for the nano degree programs from April 17, a three-month course which comes with a hefty price tag of $1,200.

Udacity and Didi have also announced a competition, which has been scheduled for March 22, to encourage students to create an Automated Safety and Awareness Processing Stack (ASAPS) for autonomous vehicles. The winners will receive $100,000 and will be allowed to implement their code in Udacity’s actual self-driving vehicle.

Udacity has also announced 21 new hiring partners who will appoint graduates of Udacity’s nano degree programs. The list includes well-known companies like Rakuten, SAP, Zomato, IBM Brazil, Paytm, Innovation Works, iRobot, Fiat Chrysler and more.