Top 10 tech companies to work for in the US: Glassdoor

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Top ten tech companies to work for in the US: Report

Based on the US employee feedback, Glassdoor released a report of the top 100 companies in the US. Out of which here are the top 10 tech companies as per the list.


1) Facebook-

Topping the chart for the best tech companies and all other companies is Facebook. It has been credited with making an "Impact like nowhere else." Employees have mentioned working on Facebook as an "Opportunity to build a product that billions of people use around the world." The company provides its customers with great perks (health benefits, food, environment, transport, bonuses). A great culture focused on connecting the world."

2) Google-


The tech giant comes second on the list. Google has extremely intelligent and competent coworkers, great management team. The tech company provides its employees with amazing perks(insurance options, food, discounts on almost everything). The company offers a full expense paid trip to anywhere in the world for its employees. Overall, the company ranks number 5 on the list.

3) HubSpot-

HubSpot, the developer, and marketer of software products have a company culture where no matter how big or small position an employee has if he has something to say his voice will be heard.  The employees working in the organization are super-smart, super hard working and are generally fun to be around with. The tech company otherwise ranks number 7 in the comprehensive Glassdoor listing.


4) Worldwide Technologies-

The technology solution provider always encourages their employees to exchange their thoughts and ideas with other departments. It also holds future leader classes. No other company in the world does as much as WWT does for its employees. They have a very level-headed and grounded team who always put the company before themselves. WWT comes at number 8 just behind HubSpot.

5) Ultimate Software-


Ultimate Software is an American technology company that develops and sells UltiPro whose cultures and values are the base of its foundation. The company's CEO Scott Scherr has instilled the value of caring for People First and all his employees follow it without a doubt. The company does not believe in disparity. Women empowerment is practiced by the company and even minorities are welcomed to the company. Ultimate Software ranks at number 10 in the best tech companies to work list.

6) SAP-

SAP is a German multinational corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. The SAP culture is one of teamwork and empathy. SAP's employees always look out for their colleagues and mentors. The employees answer any or every question put before them by any employee and always support every departing employee throughout their career journey. SAP is below Ultimate Software, ranked number 11 on the list.


7) Salesforce-

Salesforce, the American cloud computing company is one of the amazing places to work, as credited by its employees. The executives across the board are open and interested to hear out your ideas. The company has a great level of transparency where they share the annual goals posted for everyone to see. A reviewer even says that you cannot find a better work-life balance anywhere in the bay. Salesforce is ranked number 11 in the Glassdoor report for best tech companies to work for.

8) LinkedIn-


The social networking service that operates via mobile and apps offers great perks(free food, free coffee bar, free juice bar, free ice cream bar, etc.... ). The employees of this company have great energy and are motivated to develop great products that can bring a difference in the lives of the people. LinkedIn is ranked at number 21 in the overall list.

9) DocuSign-

The San Fransisco based company provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of signed documents. Every employee in the company is kind, considerate and generally happy which makes it a pleasure to work every day. While in the overall company list DocuSign is ranked one position below LinkedIn at number 22.


Last but certainly not the least, Nvidia work environment is considered fun by its former employees. The employees are very helpful and extremely smart. Everything in the company happens at the speed of light. The company believes that winning is important but it is more important that if we fail, we fail together and not alone. Nvidia is ranked at number 24 on the holistic companies list by Glassdoor.

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