Evolution of EV Charging in India: Overview, Business Model, Key Factors and Future

By : CIOL Bureau

Moving ahead, the EV sector in India will demand access to efficient charging infrastructure. That is, EV Charging could become a roadblock to electric vehicle uptake. Firstly, Charge Point Operators (CPOs) need to understand what will happen when charging becomes

Traditional to Digital: The Changing Dynamics of India’s Lending Pattern

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For an economy to thrive, financial inclusion must be seen as a crucial pillar. It safeguards the interests of all consumer segments and is inclusive of all demographics. Technological innovations in financial inclusion help reduce the exploitation of the credit-invisible

Information Security and Power of Data for an Enterprise

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Enterprise Information Security, in brief, is the mechanism used to keep staff, records, and technologies safe and up-to-date at company levels is company information security. To build one unified whole from different parts of the organization, we need a comprehensive

3 factors transforming the consumer payment experience

Consumer spending patterns evolved significantly during the previous year across all demographics. The real manifestation of cashless, paperless and seamless digital transactions is now led by mobile and internet based payments, thus fueling the growth for digital commerce. Nevertheless, digital

How OTT platforms are empowering digital marketers

Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment and that too on-demand! It’s time for on-demand content to take over as more and more consumers are finding access to personalised content on their hand-held devices.  On-demand content is the new in-demand. On-demand Video content has

Hyperlocal E-Commerce – An Opportunity to better shopping experience

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The e-commerce industry has been growing significantly over the years. However, the occurrence of the pandemic last year came as a blessing in disguise and gave the requisite push to the sector to grow and proliferate. The primary reason for

Startup Guide: Business in 2021 – Beyond CRM

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Post the pandemic’s occurrence in 2020, 2021 is the year of revival for all businesses. Be it brands or start-ups, all of them are working to recover the losses and eventually earn profits. For any business to succeed, ensuring their

Prepaid cards in India: Growth, Trends and Future

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The Indian prepaid card market has witnessed a boom in the recent past and the reason is quite simple. Prepaid cards help simplify overtly complex processes of billings and transactions and also offer control over cash flows. With this context,

Increasing dependency of the healthcare industry on IoT innovation

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Internet of things (IoT) is the most commonly used term to define devices that can be connected to share information over a standardized network. These devices are physical objects that have sensors and embedded microchips. They uniquely address and connect,

Enterprise Upskilling in the Second Wave – The Need to Invest in L&D

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From mid-March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced both the employees and companies to change the way they were working, communicating and collaborating. This included employee learning & development programs which saw an acceleration in eLearning adoption and move towards virtual

Why the Distributed Cloud Model will be a dominant trend in 2021?

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Forrester Research estimates that about 20% of enterprise workloads now run in the public cloud. A survey by Goldman Sachs aligns with that estimate, finding that 23% of workloads run in the cloud. Further, 43% of organizations expect to migrate

How are digitization and mobilization making healthcare simpler and advanced?

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The Indian healthcare sector has been witnessing a gradual influx of new-age technologies over the past decade. With the onset of the COVID pandemic, the use of technology to facilitate remote health care services has speeded up the process of

Why is Enterprise Software so complicated in 2021?

By : CIOL Bureau

In 2021, using enterprise software is akin to taking a road trip. Does it sound exciting to hit the road – not with a plan but only the confidence that you are on the right path? Sure, it does. But

Virtual Education is the next big thing in the new normal

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According to UNICEF’s observations, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to global closures in 53 countries and local closures in 27. This translated into an impact on 61.6% of the world’s student population with 32+ crore learners impacted within India alone!

Growth Strategy to Accelerate Cloud Computing post-COVID-19

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2020 has turned out to be a golden year for cloud computing. Covid-19 has made tech infrastructure companies find innovative ways to meet the accelerated demand for cloud-based offerings. Several existing factors have driven cloud transitions, and now they seem to

Movers and Packers Guide: Aggregation offers a secure environment to consumers

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When you need to hire a cab, do you dial every driver you know in your vicinity or listed on Google? Or do you prefer logging into one app to get multiple taxi options at your disposal? There’s little doubt

An Outlook of the Indian Fashion Retail Industry in the Post-Covid World

By : CIOL Bureau

Innovation and growth and have long been the driving force of entrepreneurship, steering the course of the world. This driving force is even more relevant today, as the Indian economy embraces the swift changes brought on by the pandemic. Whilst

Survival Guide for the Hospitality Sector amid COVID-19 Second Wave

By : CIOL Bureau

The hospitality and tourism industries have been particularly hard hit by the COVID Crisis, and the dust will take a long time to settle. Since vacationing is a basic human need, leisure hotels within easy driving distance of major cities

Business Guide: Questions that will help leaders enable holistic organizational growth

By : CIOL Bureau

‘Let’s hit the ball out of the park’, ‘Go for the kill’, ‘Bite the bullet’ — business vocabulary is filled with war and action sports metaphors. Today, leaders favour language that incites excitement and fervour, and tactics that ensure the instant

Are Central Banks Digital Currencies (CBDCs), the answer to India’s gripe with crypto?

By : CIOL Bureau

Banking relies on practicality and efficiency. This is evident from our progress as a civilisation that stored bundles of money under our beds, to ones that use debit and credit instruments with complex accounting. Over the years we have improved