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Kickstarter has created 8,800 companies & 3lac jobs

By : CIOL Writers

A study by Professor Ethan Mollick from the University of Pennsylvania says that the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter has created around 8,800 companies so far. The website made it possible for big ventures such as the Oculus Rift and the Pebble

How about 3D movies without the geeky glasses!

By : CIOL Writers

Hopefully, I will see the next installment of The Jungle Book without those stupid, geeky 3D glasses. MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has created movie screen technology named Cinema 3D that lets you watch 3D movies without

“Human on a Chip” program will soon make animal testing redundant

By : CIOL Writers

Animal lovers and right activists have long fought for this and seems like their actions might soon pay off. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California are testing technology that replicates vital human tissues on microchips and could soon make

Technology to make ‘soft’ robots is here

By : CIOL Writers

Researchers at Harvard University have developed a new type of artificial muscle for soft robotics that can support a broad range of motion at relatively low voltage and no rigid components. ”We think this has the potential to be the

Pokémon Go registers highest first week downloads for Apple

By : CIOL Writers

There is no stopping Pokémon Go. Not just the rage is at an all-time high, record books are also busy noting down new numbers every day. On Friday, Apple confirmed that the game has set a new App Store mark

Apple provided the cue in busting piracy site Kickass Torrents

By : CIOL Writers

The U.S. Department of Justice has seized seven domain names associated with Kickass Torrents — purportedly the most-visited piracy site in the world — and charged the man they allege is its owner and operator with criminal copyright infringement and

Google Bubble Zoom shows the best way to read comics

Soma Tah Google, so far, has made lives easier by all means, and now it is experimenting with the ideas that would eventually take users’ experience to the next level. For example, have you ever thought that the speech bubbles

Test flight of Facebook’s internet drone was a success

By : CIOL Writers

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want anyone outside his Facebook’s network. For him, this free for all networking platform should be all inclusive and Aquila is part of this philosophy. On June 28th, the company conducted the first successful test flight of

Apple may rake in $3bn in revenues with Pokemon Go’s “PokeCoin” sales

By : CIOL Writers

The wild craze around augmented reality gaming app Pokemon Go can rake in revenues to the tune of $3 billion in next one or two years for Apple Inc, as gamers buy “PokeCoins” from its app store. The game, marketed

Nobody messes with Modi, not even Sundar Pichai

By : CIOL Writers

If Congress Scion Rahul Gandhi has been asked to tender apology or face trial for calling RSS as Gandhi killer, how can you expect Google or its CEO Sundar Pichai to go scot free for enlisting Narendra Modi as one

Inching closer to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak

By : CIOL Writers

Who wouldn’t want Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak from J.K Rowling’s bestseller? The Good news is that we are stepping closer to a similar thing in real life. In a breakthrough, researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) made an

UK may become the next data haven

By : CIOL Writers

Britain could become a “data haven” for online companies after Brexit, as The European Commission is considering introducing laws for online platforms such as Facebook and Amazon to control how they operate in Europe. The commission, which has plans to

Hackers use smartphones to steal $2.2mn from ATMs

By : CIOL Writers

It wasn’t a case of bank cards being hijacked, but merely a connected device like a smartphone that a few miscreant hackers used to trick a network of bank ATMs in Taiwan into spitting out $2.2 million. The crooks, who

Check out this high-tech golf cart from Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a high-tech golf cart with the looks of a sports car, three years after it asked fans to submit ideas for a “golf cart of the future.” The final product, designed by the automaker and its project

Softbank reportedly buying ARM for $32 billion

Japanese telecommunications and Internet giant, SoftBank Group is reportedly buying  UK-based chipmaker, ARM Holding, as per The New York Times report. The deal is not officially announced yet. ARM, which designs chips and parts of chips, has a market capitalization

Research finds climate around solar panels alters

By : CIOL Writers

According to a team of environmental scientists and ecologists from Lancaster University and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology researching the impact of solar arrays on the environment, “with policies in dominant economies supporting solar energy, it is important that

What happened in Vegas? Simple: Cisco Live

LAS VEGAS: Ok, so this is what happened. A company so far almost synonymous with networking is

Twitter pursues more live streaming deals for sports

Twitter reportedly is in talks with the National Basketball Association(NBA), the Major League Soccer(MLS) and Turner

Apple, Microsoft say ‘no’ to Republican National Convention

By : CIOL Writers

Apple, Microsoft, HP and Ford are some of America’s biggest corporations that have decided to stay

14-year-old sues Snapchat over sexually explicit content

By : CIOL Writers

Why is it that Snapchat always finds itself on the wrong side of the law? Yet