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Verizon might be the one to buy Yahoo’s core business

By : CIOL Writers

Verizon Communications Inc is the front-runner among the bidders to buy Yahoo Inc.’s core business, reports Reuters. The deal is expected to boost Verizon’s AOL Internet business, by giving it access to Yahoo’s advertising technology tools, as well other assets

Yahoo reports a 5.2pc rise in total quarterly revenue

By : CIOL Writers

Yahoo has reported a 5.2 percent rise in total quarterly revenue, a sign of progress in its troubled core Internet business it is auctioning off. Yahoo is in the process of auctioning off its search and advertising business and is

10 books to know the secrets of tech giants like Google or Apple

By : CIOL Writers

I keep reading about Google’s work culture, their employee-friendly policies and often wonder is there a way to join the tech giant in my capacity? But on a serious note, it’s always enriching and worth learning about the internal workings

Goodbye, Yahoo Messenger

By : CIOL Writers

Time to bid Goodbye to Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo, which has been closing down the shutters on several of its now redundant services has decided to bring curtains down on one of the oldest IM services still around — and one

Yahoo is selling its search technology patent

By : CIOL Writers

Yahoo is planning to sell approximately 3,000 patents, including its proprietary search technology, in a deal that could bring in an additional $1 billion to the company, reports The Wall Street Journal. The other patents include advertising and cloud technology

Yahoo Messenger now supports Hindi on Android

By : Soma Tah

BANGALORE, INDIA: Yahoo Messenger app now supports non-English languages including Hindi (Android-only), Chinese, French, German, Indonesian and Spanish. Yahoo Messenger now syncs and matches users mobile contacts instantly, making it easy for users to find and chat with their friends

Skimming the Week: Apple digs its feet in, Yahoo shuffles, Microsoft recoils

THE last few days have been all about some marquee players in tech industry, albeit with

Games, Livetext, Boss off Yahoo’s Menucard

By : CIOL Writers

The year 2016 will mark the end of the road for many Yahoo flagships. Presenting its

Cow grabs all the attention as Yahoo’s ‘Personality of the Year’

BANGALORE, INDIA: The humble ‘Cow’ beats all other high-profile contenders to emerge as ‘Personality of the

Yahoo! announces Flickr updates for iOS 9

MUMBAI, INDIA: Yahoo! has announced a Flickr update for iOS 9 devices which has new features

Google, Yahoo, Bing must stop pre-natal test ads

NEW DELHI, INDIA: In a bid to fight increasing menace of female infanticide, the Center has

Google, Yahoo, Facebook shown the door

MUMBAI, INDIA: Responding to constant complaints by mobile customers regards constant distraction due to pop-up ads;

Did pregnancy save Marissa Mayer’s job at Yahoo?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Did pregnancy save Marissa Mayer’s job as Yahoo CEO? According to Scott Galloway, Professor, Marketing,

Yahoo’s video texting app now in India on Android and iOS

BANGALORE, INDIA: Yahoo’s video texting app, Livetext which was released last month in the US and

What makes Yahoo keen on SSL pinning?

LAS VEGAS, USA: Yahoo is joining hands with Data Theorem, a provider in mobile app security,

Yahoo launches video texting app

USA: Yahoo! Has announced Yahoo Livetext, a new app for one-to-one live video texting on iPhone

Modi redefines men’s style, left a firm stamp online

BANGALORE, INDIA: Being the most sought-after political leader online, Prime Minister Narendra Modi now grabs the top

Mozilla ends default search partnerships with Google; partners Yahoo in the US

USA: Moving from the earlier practice of having a single global default search provider, Mozilla announced

Decorate your wall with Yahoo Flickr’s photos

BANGALORE, INDIA: You can now decorate your home, office, or dorm room with artwork from over

Now access Flipkart from the Yahoo India homepage

BANGALORE, INDIA: Yahoo and Flipkart announced a partnership to host a gateway to the Flipkart.com marketplace