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Yahoo to pay $50 million to victims of 2013 & 2014 data breach

By : CIOL Bureau

Yahoo has agreed to pay $50 million to victims of 2013 and 2014 mega data breach case that has affected up to 200 million U.S consumers and three billion accounts worldwide.   In addition to this, the company will cover

Mozilla and Oath are suing each other over Firefox’s default search engine

By : CIOL Writers

Oath, the company that now owns Yahoo has sued Mozilla after the latter decided to replace Firefox’s search engine from Google to Yahoo. After a few hours, Mozilla filed a countersuit. Mozilla had launched its much-publicised lightning fast Quantum browser

Canadian hacker pleads guilty in 2014 Yahoo hacking case

By : CIOL Writers

A Canadian hacker by the name Karim Baratov has pleaded guilty to hacking charges related to a 2014 Yahoo data breach. Baratov, 22, is the only person who has been arrested so far in connection with the breach that compromised nearly 500 million user

Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp steps down

By : CIOL Writers

Tumblr CEO and founder David Karp is stepping down from his CEO position after 11 years at the job. Karp’s departure comes just months after Verizon acquired Yahoo, which owned Tumblr, and merged it with AOL to form a new company

Innovations that bombed in 2017

By : CIOL Writers

With technology changing every day, we get many ‘wow’ moments with regard to tech innovations. But sometimes, it just turns out to be a false promise, ending “not with a bang but a whimper.” So, here we present the worst tech

Yahoo’s 2013 security breach affected all 3B accounts

By : CIOL Writers

Yahoo’s 2013 data breach was far worse than what was earlier made to believe. In a shocking revelation, Yahoo, now part of Verizon Communications, said on Tuesday that an investigation showed all 3 billion of its user accounts were affected in

Yahoo could face a class-action lawsuit over data breaches

By : CIOL Writers

A US court has said that Yahoo must face the lawsuit brought on behalf of over 1 billion users whose personal data and information were compromised in the Yahoo‘s multiple data breaches, as per the Reuters report. The lawsuit concerns two major

Verizon closes Yahoo deal, CEO Marissa Mayer resigns

By : CIOL Writers

As of today, Verizon is officially the owner of Yahoo. Verizon has completed its acquisition of Yahoo Inc. for $4.5 billion, which coupled with AOL has a reach of more than 1 billion consumers. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is resigning after

Verizon plans to launch a streaming TV service soon

By : CIOL Writers

Verizon is planning to use the post-merger AOL-Yahoo subsidiary as a platform to “test out an over-the-top service,” according to a report from Variety. Citing remarks, the Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam made at a telecom conference in Boston this week, the report

LeEco founder Jia Yueting steps down as CEO of Leshi

By : CIOL Writers

LeEco’s founder Jia Yueting has stepped down as chief executive of Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corp Beijing at a time when the company is facing cash issues with rapid expansion plans. Jia will, however, retain his position as chairman, with the company’s

Yahoo makes its task management bot ‘Captain’ available on Facebook Messenger

Yahoo has launched its ‘Captain’ bot for Facebook Messenger now. Launched last month as a SMS-based bot assistant to help families stay organized. The bot helps manage lists and reminders for family members via text message. While developers generally build bots for messaging

Know more about Yahoo-AOL combination- Oath

By : CIOL Writers

While Twitter went berserk with the nomenclature of  AOL-Yahoo merger entity-‘Oath’, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong stepped in to explain few Whats and Whys. In a big disappointment for some, you won’t see any Oath Mail or Oath Sports, dude. “The Oath

Yahoo-AOL merged entity to be called ‘Oath’; Marissa Mayer may not be part of it

By : CIOL Writers

The next chapter of Verizon-Yahoo deal is starting with an Oath, quite literally. Verizon has announced that the combined entity of Yahoo and AOL will be named as ‘Oath’, once the $4.48 billion acquisition of the former is completed in this

US Govt charges Russian agents and hackers for Yahoo data breach

By : CIOL Writers

The US government has charged two Russian intelligence officers for “computer hacking, economic espionage and other criminal offenses” in connection with the 2014 hacks that compromised about 500 million Yahoo user accounts. The Department of Justice announced that four people, including

Google’s AMP support now available for more than 1bn people in Asia Pacific

By : CIOL Writers

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source initiative that aims to provide mobile-optimised content, will now be available for 1 billion people in Asia Pacific region. The tech giant has partnered with Yahoo Japan, Baidu, and Sogou which collectively

Flickr adds new feature to search images based on visual similarity

By : CIOL Writers

Flickr now lets you search image that shares the same shape, composition, colour, or content category. Yes, Yahoo is updating Flickr with a new feature that allows users to search for images that are visually similar to a single given image.

Verizon snaps a $350mn discount on Yahoo deal, new price $4.48bn

By : CIOL Writers

Yahoo’s disclosure of two massive data breaches that affected more than a billion users finally gets stamped as Verizon knocks off $350mn of the Yahoo’s original sale price that now stands at $4.48 billion. Interestingly, the two have also agreed

Verizon reportedly to close Yahoo acquisition with a $250mn discount

By : CIOL Writers

Everyone knew this was coming. Verizon and Yahoo are closing their deal with a price tag that’s $250 million less than the $4.8 billion agreed upon last year, according to a Bloomberg report. Though the figure is smaller than what

Yahoo launches two new features on its mail app

By : CIOL Writers

Despite various data breaches, delayed acquisition and a plethora of other difficulties facing Yahoo, the company is still trying to make it to the users by launching new features. Yahoo is rolling out new features on its Yahoo Mail app:

Yahoo beats Q4 earnings predictions and expectedly delays the closure of Verizon acquisition

By : CIOL Writers

Beating Wall Street earnings expectations, Yahoo released its fourth quarter earnings results, generating $1.47 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $0.17. The analysts had expected the company to report $1.38 billion in revenue with earnings per share of