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Inside HCL:VDI and more

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H INDIA: Observing and acknowledging actual needs, gaps and possibilities is just one of the many wise approaches that this organisation’s IT folks wield when it comes to embracing something new and big. After all, they breathe the same

Virtualized environment helps manage complex IT: Vikas Bhonsle, Crayon CEO

Crayon caters to the entire lifecycle management of software assets and a strong ecosystem of partners for a pan-India reach. The company is also playing a key role in virtualizing customer workloads in a world where cloud is becoming the

AMD demos hardware-based GPU virtualization

NEW DELHI, INDIA: AMD at VMworld 2015 demonstrated the AMD Multiuser GPU– a hardware-based GPU virtualization solution. This enables a virtualized workstation-class experience with full ISV certifications and local desktop-like performance. With the AMD Multi-user GPU, IT pros can configure

Graphics and Virtualisation: Hungrier Games

Pratima H INDIA: Most of us have spent the better part of our childhoods making Super Mario

Demystifying desktop virtualization investments

By : Soma Tah

Sonal Desai Desktop virtualization is getting a new avatar. Compared to the five years it took

Demystifying SDDC

By : Sonal Desai

MUMBAI, INDIA: Raghu Raghuram, EVP & General Manager, Software Defined Data Center, VMware, speaks about the

Thinspace brings new skySpace solution suite

BANGALORE, INDIA: Thinspace has announced the launch of new skySpace solution suite, providing desktop virtualization and

New technology to secure virtual machines

BANGALORE, INDIA: Kaspersky Lab’s new patented Security Architecture for Virtual Machine is designed to provide virtual machines

WAN and virtualisation: A re-engineer’s utopia

Jatin Bakshi Think back to the last time you had issues with work due to network

The economic impact of virtualization on Indian biz

By : Soma Tah

BANGALORE, INDIA:  The IDC Datacenter Economies Index estimates that virtualization will help Indian businesses avoid spending

Burgers Vs. Spaghetti: The changing palate of IT

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: IT infrastructures – from the delicate ceramic of hardware to the accompanying cutlery of software-and-applications

80 pc of businesses will find growth constrained from a lack of new data centre skills by 2016

Gartner, Inc. today said that capacity planning and performance management skills within IT infrastructure and operations