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User experience is critical to the adoption of new technology in the workplace

Anish Kanaran  Did you notice that your eagerly awaited new smartphone didn’t come with a manual? You simply picked it up and began using its features with delight, making it one of the most important work tools at your disposal

Top 10 technology trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2015

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Gartner, Inc. defines a strategic technology trend as one with the potential for significant impact on the organization in the next three years. Factors that denote significant impact include a high potential for disruption to the business,

Samsung starts prodcing 3.2-terabyte NVMe SSD based on 3D V-NAND for next-generation enterprise severs

By : Sharath Kumar

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it has started mass producing 3.2-terabyte (TB) NVMe* PCIe solid state drives (SSDs) based on its 3D V-NAND (Vertical NAND) flash memory technology,