Tesla’s Autopilot feature drives a man to hospital, saves his life

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Autonomous driving technology is actually supposed to help drivers attain driving skills beyond their actual capabilities, but off late it has been the centre of criticism by many because of the risks associated with it. Although Tesla – American automotive

Tesla crash opens doors for advanced innovations in driver-less tech

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The fatal crash of a Tesla self-driving car that left one dead has proven to be a trigger for the development of advanced and sensitive systems to help vehicles see and drive themselves safely, investors and analysts said. Goldman Sachs

Meru Cabs: Parking Bots and AI in the right spot?

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: The trunk space matters. It not only holds stuff that you can’t

BMW partners with Intel, Mobileye to develop driver-less car technology

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As automakers race against Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Tesla, and Apple to develop driverless

Tech This Week: Crashes of all sorts

INDIA: Apple and Spotify are at it this time. The skirmish has begun. And so have

China and the future of internet of vehicles

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Internet-connected cars that can entertain passengers, coordinate with other vehicles, navigate themselves and, eventually, drive autonomously

Made in India- Self driving Car

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Dr. Roshy John, a doctorate holder from National Institute of Technology has developed India’s first driverless