NVIDIA Unveils Quadro RTX

By : CIOL Bureau

NVIDIA announces its first Turing architecture-based GPUs, revolutionizing the work of 50 million designers and artists by enabling them to render photorealistic scenes in real time, add new AI-based capabilities to their workflows, and enjoy fluid interactivity with complex models

Adobe, NVIDIA partner to deliver AI services for creativity and digital experiences

USA: At Adobe Summit, Adobe and NVIDIA announced a strategic partnership to rapidly enhance their artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies. The companies will work to optimize the Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning (ML) framework for NVIDIA GPUs

Nvidia assures its GPU’s not hit by Meltdown and Spectre bug

By : CIOL Writers

Nvidia issued a security bulletin detailing the updates it made to its driver software to address the Meltdown CPU vulnerability that’s had tech companies running scared. Nvidia CEO assured that its chips were not subject to the same risks as

Nvidia is ending driver support for 32-bit OS

By : CIOL Writers 1

Nvidia has taken a historic decision. The company announced to end support for 32-bit operating systems. Nvidia has confirmed that after Version 390 of its graphics card driver it’s not going to release any drivers for 32-bit operating systems for any GPU architecture.

Nvidia posts better-than-expected Q3 financial results

By : CIOL Writers

Nvidia reported stronger-than-expected third-quarter financial results posting adjusted earnings of $1.33 per share on revenue of $2.64 billion. Nvidia’s gaming revenue grew 25 percent year-over-year to $1.56 billion, making up the biggest portion of the company’s top line. Data center chips were the biggest

Intel announces the world’s first consumer desktop CPU with 18 cores & 36 threads

By : CIOL Writers

After ARM, NVIDIA, it is Intel who is now taking the limelight at Computex 2017 Conference in Taipei. Intel, the chipmaker unveiled a new family of “Core X” desktop processors at Computex, offering even more robust versions of its existing

NVIDIA introduces GeForce GTX with Max-Q Design at Computex

By : CIOL Writers

It is no secret that gaming notebooks have seen very limited development in design. Over the last several years, the makers have been following the conventional design of big, bulky and heavy notebooks. However, NVIDIA is now breaking the stereotype

NVIDIA to train 100K developers on deep learning in 2017

By : CIOL Writers

NVIDIA plans to train 100,000 developers on deep learning artificial intelligence this year to meet surging demand for expertise in the field of AI. Through its NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, the chip company will escalate its training by tenfold (compared to 2016)

NVIDIA unveils world’s fastest gaming GPU, GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

USA: NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at the Game Developers Conference, in San Francisco unveiled GeForce GTX 1080 Ti — the fastest gaming GPU ever. “It’s time for something new, something that’s 35 percent faster than a GTX 1080, something that’s faster than Titan

NVIDIA partners Facebook to allow PC gamers stream live on the platform

By : CIOL Writers

Though game streaming isn’t new to Facebook Live but NVIDIA is making the process a lot simpler and easier by allowing PC gamers with NVIDIA graphics cards to broadcast directly to Facebook Live “with two clicks”, according to company’s latest

NVIDIA unveils startup program to support AI startups in India

By : CIOL Writers

AI computing company, NVIDIA has launched ‘Nvidia Inception program’ in India “to support the innovation and growth of startups that are driving new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and data science.” The Inception Program was launched at the inaugural NVIDIA Emerging

Tech leaders form OpenCAPI Consortium promising 10x boost to server performance

USA: AMD, Dell EMC, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Mellanox Technologies, Micron, NVIDIA and Xilinx have come together to announce a new, open specification that can increase datacenter server performance by up to 10x, enabling corporate and cloud data centers