Nvidia assures its GPU's not hit by Meltdown and Spectre bug

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Nvidia CEO assures its GPUs are not hit by the Meltdown and Spectre bug

Nvidia issued a security bulletin detailing the updates it made to its driver software to address the Meltdown CPU vulnerability that’s had tech companies running scared. Nvidia CEO assured that its chips were not subject to the same risks as those from Intel and AMD.


Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said, "Our GPUs are immune, they’re not affected by these security issues. What we did is we released driver updates to patch the CPU security vulnerability. We are patching the CPU vulnerability the same way that Amazon, the same way that SAP, the same way that Microsoft, etc is patching, because we have software as well."

He further added, "I am absolutely certain that our GPU's are not affected. We believe our GPU hardware is immune to the reported security issue. As for our driver software, we are providing updates to help mitigate the CPU security issue."

The security patches unveiled by Nvidia relate to software drivers that let its chips work with operating systems like Windows. While Nvidia said its GPUs are not at risk, it was updating its drivers because they interact with potentially vulnerable CPUs.

Recently, Meltdown and Spectre, two system-level bugs, that could let hackers steal passwords or encryption keys from central processing units (CPUs) made by Intel and rivals affected many computers around the world.

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