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How can no-code platforms power the creation of enterprise apps?

By : CIOL Bureau

No-code is a new breed of offering in the world of technology that enables anyone to build apps or websites. Today, having an app or website is a bare necessity for any business, but most companies are afraid to invest

Startup Circle: How is Quixy helping business users with no coding skills to automate workflows and processes?

By : Laxitha Mundhra

Many enterprises aim to build functional software for internal infrastructure servicing and programs for customer communication. However, lack of time and resources hinders their business growth. In the current era, low/no-code platforms help businesses to rapidly build relevant applications and

Startups Guide: How can no-code software development empower small businesses against big brands?

By : CIOL Bureau

90% of Indian startups fail within five years, according to a report by IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics. Meanwhile in May 2020, IT industry veteran and founder of Infosys Ltd, Senapathy (Kris) Gopalakrishnan, said that 25% of

No-Code: That’s How SMBs Will Build Future Apps

By : CIOL Bureau 1

A technology entrepreneur in today’s world does not have to write reams of code to build a startup. Due to the power of new capabilities like no-code and low-code that is gaining popularity among developers, significant time is saved in