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8 Best chat apps on Google Play Store

By : CIOL Bureau

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps on the Google Play store. Facebook owned WhatsApp has been bringing new features and updating security and policies for the users to keep their data secure. WhatsApp is

Zoho revamps low-code application building platform, Creator

CHENNAI, INDIA: Zoho has updated its low-code application building platform, Zoho Creator to enhance and refine the core functionality of the platform further for simplified implementation. Over the last 12 years, the Zoho Creator platform has enabled citizen developers to design and

You can now pre-order apps in the App Store

By : CIOL Writers

Apple has launched a new, useful feature that lets you pre-order from the App Store. These apps then automatically get downloaded upon their release. As per the announcement, a developer can put their app in the App Store up to 90

Snapchat brings in-app geo-filter making tool to Europe

By : CIOL Writers

Snapchat, known for its huge list of cool features has added another one to the list. The in-app geo-filter making tool which was previously available in the US only is now going to be available for the users in Europe too.

Paytm looking to acquire deal discovery startups Little and Nearbuy

By : CIOL Writers

Paytm is in talks to acquire not one but two deal discovery startups namely Little and Nearbuy, according to various media reports. Citing people in the know of the things, the reports say that Paytm has already had early-stage discussions with

Facebook and Google are leaders in the US mobile app space

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook and Google dominate the app ecosystem in the US sharing between them the top eight apps and also the top six apps with the highest reach. Citing comScore’s 2017 US Mobile App Report, a Business Insider report said that Facebook and Google have a considerable influence

Play and win ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ with Relaince Jio

By : CIOL Writers

As ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ enters its next season, Reliance Jio is bringing several new and first-of-its kind integrations for millions who’d be viewing the show on their TVs or mobiles. Besides seeing a Jio-contestant at the show during the Fastest-Finger-First round who made

What is Google Play Protect branding for Android devices?

By : CIOL Writers

In a bid to ensure consumer satisfaction about the safety and security of their Android devices, Google will be adding a Play Protect logo directly on to a phone’s packaging box that will ensure if you’re getting a certified Android device or not. While

Chinese app developers sue Apple for abuse of market power

By : CIOL Writers

Apple and China don’t share a very favorable rapport and the Cupertino giant is amidst another trouble in the Asian country after 28 Chinese app developers filed a complaint against the tech company, accusing it of “abusing its market power

Facebook shuts down its teen-focused social app Lifestage

By : CIOL Writers

While Sarahah is taking the social networking world by storm, another teen-focused social app, Lifestage is dying a slow death in another corner. Facebook‘s experimental “teens-only” app Lifestage, meant to be a Snapchat competitor has been pulled from the App Store, Business Insider reports. The

Have you downloaded Sarahah, the latest app sensation in town?

By : CIOL Writers

We have a new app-sensation in town that’s been spreading like wildfire. Meet Sarahah, an app that has been downloaded millions of times on Google Play and Apple’s App Store since its launch in June. The app allows users to search

7 Yoga apps: Take your Yoga instructor everywhere you go

By : CIOL Writers

Yoga has been proved to be beneficial for the human health since ages and now Yoga is becoming increasingly popular across the world, thanks to our fast-pacing and stressful life. Several studies have linked yoga to lowered body mass and

BHIM app, now available on iOS platform also

By : CIOL Writers

Bharat Interface for Money, or BHIM app, which has already been downloaded by 11.25 million Android users, has now been launched on iOS platform. A. P. Hota, MD & CEO, National Payments Corp. of India (NPCI) says, “The BHIM App

Google Play’s Best of 2016

By : CIOL Writers

Taking forward the tradition of announcing the best and popular apps every year, Google announced Google Play’s “Best of 2016” yesterday. The tech Goliath released the list on its official blog that includes the most popular songs, movies, TV shows,

Indians use only 9 apps out of the 33 installed on their mobiles

By : CIOL Writers

More than 100 billion mobile apps have been created so far and all of us would have downloaded at least hundred out of them. But how many did we actually use from the list? Honestly, not even half of them.

Mobile apps that bombed despite big names

By : CIOL Writers

Hundreds of apps are launched every year but have you ever wondered how many of them really make money. Unfortunately, very few. The success rate for apps is abysmally low. Some analysts say app fever is over. Not really. The

5 handy apps to learn and practice yoga on a busy schedule

By : CIOL Writers

You have to be fit to be a ‘Hit’ in any walk of life. And what could be better than having a fitness guide and workout plan in Indian style. You guessed it right. I am talking about Yoga- fitness

PTC’s mobile apps for power traders: Bijli Bazaar & Bijli Vyapar

By : CIOL Writers

State-owned Power Trading Corp. (PTC) India has launched two mobile applications—Bijli Bazaar and Bijli Vyapar— which will help transform one’s day-to-day engagement with the Indian electricity market. The apps will provide information like power prices and trends to its clients,

43pc of mobile gamers on Facebook are parents & 47pc are women

By : CIOL Writers

The gaming industry is at an all-time high and has become a $99 billion market, with mobile games accounting for $36 billion of that in 2016, according to market researcher Newzoo. Tech titan Facebook who also has a big share

App downloads to grow to 20.1 billion by 2020: Report

By : CIOL Writers

There are just too many apps, and one can sense a general air of App-fatigue all around. However, according to app analytics firm App Annie Inc, the app trend is not dying anytime soon. According to the data for the