Snapchat brings in-app geo-filter making tool to Europe

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Snapchat, known for its huge list of cool features has added another one to the list. The in-app geo-filter making tool which was previously available in the US only is now going to be available for the users in Europe too. The European countries which would be getting the update are the UK, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.


The Snapchat filters can be accessed by clicking on your profile, tap Settings and select On-Demand Geo-filters. "These filters are a great way to bring your own special touch to a party and mean all your friends at an event can use your own bespoke geofilter when sharing their Snaps," says Snapchat. Once your geo-filter has been approved, you’ll have access to a dashboard to check total swipes, total uses and total views for your creation.

Snapchat bring in-app geo-making tool to Europe

Once you have designed the filter and named it, you can choose when and where it will appear. The smallest area that it will cover is 1800 square meters and the maximum is 450,000 square meters.

Pricing for the geo-filter is  £5.99 in the UK and €6.99 in France and Sweden, though it could cost more depending upon location, duration and demand of the filter.

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